I haven’t posted much recently.  Not from lack of working out, just that I have been doing a lot of cardio this past week.  Just cardio.  And I doubt it’s interesting to read a post about me on the elliptical for an hour with no pics, haha.

I hadn’t done any resistance training in what feels like forEVER because I was about to start a new workout routine with my trainer, and I wanted to come to it fresh as a daisy, learn what she had on slate for me, then reformulate my personal workouts to fill in whatever we didn’t hit.  And… then… Leslie fell sick.  We had to cancel three workouts in a row!  On a day to day basis, just more bad news after bad news.  So the resistance training kept getting pushed to the backburner.  I should have just done it on my own, but it kept getting bumped the day of and one day back, so I kept saying ok, will save it for tomorrow since I don’t know what the routine looks like, and then nada.

So there really wasn’t much to write about.

OK!  New Years resolutions!  I am already committed to losing weight, so I didn’t plan anything symbolic and earth-shattering for January.  But since everyone else is writing a list, I thought I would set some challenges for myself for January.  Here they are:

– cardio every day

– go to sleep early every day

– tighter diet, less bread (and carbs in general), one slice a day max, after my workout

Those are all things I noticed have been slipping this past Fall.  Diet, sleep, cardio.  I find cardio generally boring alone, so a spin class everyday will be my weapon of choice.  I figure with the January madness in the gym, the best time to get in a spin class will be as early in the day as possible.  So I have been gearing up to go for a 6 or 7 am spin class every day.  And this is why going to sleep early is so necessary! (not to mention for various chemical and hormonal benefits)

The other common factor in these 3 is the focus on losing weight.  I would really like to burn off some serious pounds in January!  If I have to choose between gaining muscle, gaining strength or cutting pounds this month, I will choose the third.  (Not that they are mutually exclusive.)  January is my kickoff month to start a new chapter of my weight loss, feel the burn!  Maybe some clever name… Burnuary?  2000-burn-teen?  I will keep working on that one… but consider this my “burn notice” for January.


Today I went to a spin class in the morning, it wasn’t bad.  More of a free form road bike type class, not a Les Mills RPM structure, per se.  My stomach is still wobbly exercising this early (it has been a while), so I didn’t push it like crazy.  We did a bunch of shorter songs, some solid climbs, a couple of short races strung together, no intervals or mixed terrain.

The gym hasn’t been that busy, actually!  I expected a lot more people.  Maybe having the holidays in the middle of the week has thrown the Resolution crowd off their game – all still on vacation and/or resolving “I will start my new and better life on MONDAY…”  Whatever, more gym for me!  While haters be pledging to start on Monday, I already been to the gym 3 more times!  Bow down suckas!!


See you later!