After work I headed down to the gym, thinking of doing circuits, but waiting to see how busy it was first.  While it WAS busy, most people were either on the cardio machines or playing with the dumbbells, which left some solid open pockets of machine time.  I personally prefer free weights, but I made do with what was free so I would not have to wait for weight.


30 min cardio machine

Circuit 1:  1 leg Leg Press machine (do each leg), then 1 leg Leg Curl; 4 times through, no rest if possible

press/curl:  235×8,8/120×8,8/235×8,8/120×8,8/235×8,8/120×8,8/30 sec REST/255×8,8/135×8,8

notes:  this was a good warmup after the cardio machine.  I took a rest before the 4th time through because I HAD to, the machines were occupied.  It was only 30 sec and since it was the last runthrough, I also upped the weight a little bit for those sets.


Circuit 2:  shoulder press machine, then hyperextensions, then quad extensions, 3 times through no rest

shoulders/back/legs:  100×8/35×8/255×8/100×8/35×8/255×8/100×8/35×8/255×8

notes:  my lower back was a little sore, so I thought hyperextensions might be nice, and noone was on it!  Well when I was doing leg curls, I saw a guy doing bicep curls on them for like 1 set, then he wandered away – guess he lost interest.  This one was the riskiest circuit, since I had to walk all over the gym, but it worked out, no real delays except when I ran into a friend and his trainer doing chinups and I chatted him up for 20 sec or so, right around the 3rd time through the circuit.  Otherwise no rest except travel time to the station.

Actually before doing the circuit, I hung out on the hyperextension station for a second and just did a static hold for around a minute or so.  This was risky, since it put me in the path of everyone racking the dumbbells 30 lbs or lower, but just holding the flex in my lower back felt nice.  I should probably do that more often as a warmup or something.  Fat guys have sore lower backs 🙂  So when it was time for the circuit, I grabbed a 35 lb plate that was lying nearby.

The quad extensions felt fine, but the machine doesnt go any heavier, so I have to use 1 leg at a time next time I do it.


Circuit 3:  short bridge x 40, then calf raise x 40, then reverse flys x 20, then bicycle crunches x 30; twice through, no rest

a/b/c/d:  40/40/60×20/30/40/40/60×20/30

notes:  the gym was getting busier, so I found a corner by the pec dec that had a yoga mat, so I set up camp on the pec dec, and did 3 bodyweight exercises and sat on the pec dec in reverse.  I don’t find that machine comfortable in reverse, so I set the weight light and tried to focus on the squeeze.  I went through it twice with no issues, I think it might have been too easy a circuit, to be honest.  I know I picked it for its convenience, but if I went with those same exercises again I would add weight.


And that was that!  How was your day?