Smells are not my friend lately.

That doesn’t sound good, but I will elaborate.   I have become more conscious of the smell of delicious foods as I go through my day.  Show up to the gym at 6 am?  The restaurant next to it is baking fresh bread with rosemary.  YUM!/sigh  Show up back home after a Friday night kettlebell/TRX workout?  Somebody in my building ordered pizza.  I can even smell the ingredients – oh hey, mushroom and green pepper and… ham.  Halfway through my spin session this morning, I smelled baked pasta and hot tomato sauce clearly.

My only saving grace in the past few weeks is that I have rediscovered my love for lemon juice.  Drinking water gets boring.  Sad but true.  But I bought a big bottle of lemon juice and squirt a few into my tall glass of water and it makes it delicious, refreshing and guilt free!  Water with lemon juice tastes better than fruit juice or soft drinks, no really.  So I count my blessings I feel this way, because drinking your calories is a quick path to weight gain.

I have been feeling a lot of pressure lately.  I am struggling with the numbers.  I took very quickly to lifting, to the MENTALITY that numbers need to go up.  Eat, lift, sleep.  More sets, more reps, higher weight.  But there is another mentality I haven’t put much thought into – the science of lower numbers.  Lower weight, lower bf%.  So I was getting stronger, but my weight loss had stalled.

Unfortunately, you reach a point where the high numbers get held back by the low numbers.  You are only as strong as your weakest link.  For example, my chest was stronger, but my shoulders couldn’t handle all the work.  I was doing too much chest and arm, and was also neglecting my back, it was going to build a slight imbalance.  And I also realized that despite getting stronger, I was doing poorly as ever on the bodyweight exercises.  I realized that for me to get stronger, I had to catch up with what was lagging.  My shoulders needed to be built up so my chest could keep working.  And I needed to lose weight before I could keep pushing the strength.  Otherwise I would lose my balance, and the gains would no longer be functional.

Unfortunately, the weight loss is slow and painful and tenuous.  One bad day and I see ZERO progress on the scale that week.  This was nothing like strength work, you don’t piss away your one rep max if you have a bad day (unless you injure yourself, I guess).

The weight loss is stressing me out, and it threatens to eclipse the rest of my goals just because it isn’t catching up with my strong points.  I am ruled by the lowest common denominator.  I feel stronger, fitter, clothes fit better, feel better, more energy, confident.  But the numbers don’t show any of this.  As far as the scale is concerned, I have not made any progress.

I try and be patient, but that is fading.  My only other strategy is to throw myself into cardio – I have a spin bike marathon coming up in one month (!), and I need to prep for that ANYWAYS, so I am going to load up on spin sessions as my schedule permits, and see if I lose some pounds in the process.  Aim for another goal, and hope the rest of my body gets the message.


So I did 2 spin classes back to back today, they went ok.  I was grumpy in general, forgot my towel (yuck), the pedals were set badly so the straps kept catching against the arm of the pedal and that was distracting.  I was also surrounded by people, most of the class was empty, but a bunch of ladies set up shop in a cluster around me, and it felt claustrophobic.  I needed more space.

But I got through it, there were a few good songs in those 2 hours, some Guns n Roses, some catchy dance songs, etc.  I got my work in!


And that was Sunday!  See you later!