Monday I headed out for a Kettlebell workout with Leslie. Gotta admit, the diet is really dragging me down. January was rough, I fell off the wagon a lot. Let’s be brutally honest, I did not lose a single pound in January. I won’t go into too much gory detail, let’s just say that you can’t out train a lousy diet 🙂
Let’s hope February is kinder to me and my goals!


cardio warm up for 15 min

Kettlebell Swings:  40 lbs x 20, 20, 20, 20, 20 (30 sec rest)

singlehand clean & press:  30 x 12, 12, 12 (60 sec rest)



stepback lunge:  70 lbs x 10, 10, 10  (each leg, 60 sec rest)

35 each hand

35 each hand

Turkish “Sit Up”:  20 x 12, 12, 12 (eachhand)

comin atcha!

comin atcha!

Battle Ropes:  tabata style, 20 sec on, 10 sec off for 4 minutes


notes:  30 sec rest between swing sets got tiring by the end 🙂  I was glad those ended.  I continue to suck at lunges, and reverse lunges doubly so.  I will never stop cursing them,my hatred gives me STRENGTH 🙂

The Turkish Sit Ups actually I found iffy on my sprained shoulder.  Not when holding the kettlebell up with my outstretched arm, but the elbow pushing into the floor, I could feel it in my shoulder/rotator cuff.  So I had to be very careful with my form.

As for battle ropes Tabata style… er, not a fan.  I don’t feel like I could go all out with my heart rate, 100%, without the ropes banging and clattering all over the place, I had to keep the rhythm going, so more control, so less strenuous effort, so I doubt my heart rate got high enough.  Oh well.

Tuesday was mostly a day off.  I went to a health food store to buy some protein.  An employee swooped in – can I help you?  I said I was buying protein and some fish oil, and kind of knew what I wanted.  She said she recommended this, and pointed to Dymatize Elite Fusion 7.  I said yeah, but I am trying to lose weight and I want low carb and this protein is like only 50% protein, and I pointed to the nutritional info on the back.  I said I was more interested in the Allmax isolate and pointed out the different percentages.  She said, “but this one has different kinds of protein,”  I said, “so?”

She changed tactics.  “You wanted fish oil?”  She brought me to the pills.  I told her that I had been using pills, and wanted to go back to the Carlson’s oil.  She said that with these pills they have a special coating that means I won’t get the fish burps or the fishy taste when I take it as oil.  I pointed out I have never tasted fish in the Carlson’s oil, just lemon or orange or whaetever, it’s a strong flavour masking it.

She finally crumbled.  “I am new here, I have never tried this stuff, I am just saying what they told me.”  I told her its ok, I kind of had my mind made up already, and sent her on her way.

What’s the lesson here?  Just because you are in a health food chain, a GNC or Nutrition House or whatever, do NOT assume you can rely on the staff.  They have sales quotas, they are talking out their ass most of the time.  PLEASE just do your own research, educate yourself on what you want or need, and you will be amazed at the stuff falling out of the rep’s mouth.  I go often to different stores, and the same rep at the same store will give totally contrary advice on brands from one month to the next – January he loves this brand, Feb he hates this brand its crap dont use it use this its better!  It’s all pap, just research it yourself.

I came home, shoulder a little sore, I did some cooking, some laundry.  In between I did some pushups – about 90 pushups over the course of the night.  They felt not too bad.

And that was my Mon/Tues!  How was your day?