Sunday was the Chinese New Year.  A big time to go out and party and feast.  I was invited out to a nice Sunday brunch, actually.  But I had to decline, I am trying to clamp down on my diet.


Although astrology is not of any real importance to my fitness goals, it gives me cause to reflect and to think about things.

This year, as you might know, will be “the Year of the Snake”.  Chinese astrology has a cycle of 12 animals.  So every 12 years, your birth year comes around again.  I am a Snake, so I guess this is my year.

Does this mean it will be a lucky year for me?  I am told that is not the case.  When 2 snakes meet each other in the wilderness, they do not necessarily get along.  It is advised by the astrology dudes for me to keep a low profile this year and just do my thing.

So what does a Snake birth sign mean?  It means you are a thinker, a calculator, a planner.  The wheels are always turning.  And above all, you regenerate yourself.  On a regular basis, the snake sheds its skin, it sloughs off the things that no longer serve, so that it may grow.

This is the point I find myself at now, my weight has become a massive burden to me, it keeps me from doing the things I want, it keeps me from growing.  I have outgrown this fat.  I keep struggling to lose this weight because I keep struggling against it, I keep trying to fight it.  I need to take a lesson from the snake and just LET IT GO.  These habits no longer serve me, the junk food and the laziness chains me down.  If I do not learn to let this old way of living go, I will not grow.

I struggle with eating healthy because I do not embrace the new ways, I still hold on to the old ways.  I have not moved and adapted to my new, adult body, my slower metabolism, my stiffer joints and deeper focus.  I could eat what I want and do what I want when I was a child, a young man, but childish things must be put behind me.

This is the challenge I lay before myself in the Year of the Snake, MY Year.  Shed this old skin so I can grow.  Let go of the old ways that I know so well, and move confidently and purposefully into new territory, with a soft pink skin, easily hurt but getting stronger.  If I can just commit to living healthy, my body will grow into it.


Wish me luck!  What are your new year goals?