One of the reasons I like training with Leslie is that I always know she is catching it twice as bad as I am.  Think I hate my diet?  Her’s is harsher.  Am I training so much I can’t seem to recover?  She is training more.  Do I obsess and think about exercises and techniques?  She does it MORE.  She is only weeks away from her competition (the WBFF Montreal Pro Am on April 27), and is kneedeep in prep.  So when I am hating my lunges and my rice cakes, I just think of my trainer confronting her own private hell, and I smile, haha!

OK, it’s not so bad.  Clearly she enjoys both the process and the results.  She is more upbeat and chipper than anyone else I know, even though they eat WAY more awesome food.  But why?

I saw this video from 2011, and thought there was a quote worth hearing.  It’s from Kai Greene, pro bodybuilder.  Kai has a very strong ability to communicate his mental game, and I like listening to him talk about motivation, and convert his passion into words others can use on their own journey.  It is a rare gift, and I think it illustrates how strong bodies are only controlled by strong minds.

Anyways, here is the link.  Kai is doing sponsored workouts (called Train With Kai) with up and coming bodybuilders, and giving them ways to tweak their form or their focus, only 10 weeks out from the 2011 Olympia competition himself.  You can certainly watch the whole thing (Les will love it! its a leg session!), but the jewel comes at 06:40 when Kai is talking about how his mental focus has shaped his training, and how his mindstate has changed over the years and how that has shaped his training.

Kai says that there is a “certain kind of desperation” required to make you “the athlete that can tap into their champion”.  It’s also called hunger (“stay hungry”).  And while I am no bodybuilder, or even recognizably in shape, when I was spinning for 8 hours, and my butt hurt and my hands hurt and I felt pale and dizzy… I also felt a certain hunger to see this thing through.  When all the logic of your workout routines start to fly out the window, and things are getting crazy, all you are left with is the hunger and the desperation.  It’s what makes one guy pump out a few more reps when his buddy taps out early.

I need to learn to cultivate that desperation if I am going to find my way to my fitness goals.  Because… evolution, society and my own upbringing are all conspiring to make me morbidly obese.  No joke.  If I just followed my first instincts, I would be 400 pounds right now.  I have never been skinny, unless you count preschool.  So if I want to be something different, I have to cultivate the antimatter growing in my heart, which is a hunger to be something else at all costs.

Anyways, Thursday morning I had terrible nightmares about being homeless, lol!  So when I woke up, I needed about 40 minutes just to calm down.  My heart was racing!  So I made it to the gym a little late to hit the weights, but there was still a spin class at 7 am!

I had some time before spin so I did some assisted widegrip pullups, 30 seconds rest in between sets.

assisted pullups:  6, 5, 6.5, 4

I say 6.5 because I held it for SO LONG, it feels like a crime not to give even that failure some credit, haha.

Spin class was heavy and grueling!  Class was led by Courtney.

you got a problem?

you got a problem?

Even though that class kicked my butt, I still needed to do some back and biceps work.

Back and Biceps:  (30 sec rest between sets) (the pullups were part of this, I just got them done early)

widegrip machine rows:  180 x 12, 10, 8

narrowgrip pulldowns:  150 x 15, 11, 9, 10

hyperextensions:  25 lb plate x 12, 12, 12

preacher curls:  75 x 6; 65 x 9, 5

concentration curls:  25 x 15/15, 11/15, 11/12, 7/7

notes:  I was not prepared for this, the spin class drained me too hard.  I was struggling with all of the weight all of the time.  The work still got done, but I can’t help but feel if I had made it in at 6, I would have lifted a lot more.  Pretty much nothing hit my target goals, but I am sure I burned a big scoopful of calories in the process 🙂

On another note, I was so blasted and wrecked that I did preacher curls instead of normal bicep curls with the EZ bar!  Oh well, woops!


And that was my morning workout!  How was your day?  Any good workouts?