I had a great Saturday!  I slept a LOT.  I meant to go to spin class, but I just slept instead.  Oops!  I needed a rest day.  I probably napped about 4 or 5 seperate times that day, and also slept in and ALSO went to bed early.

Sat afternoon, I also got to train the trainer!  Leslie agreed to let me lead her through a workout.  We had a great time, but I was so focused on it that I forgot to take pictures!  Sorry!  I was seriously absorbed in supporting Les through the workout, the time flew by!  (For the record, it was a strength-focused bodyweight circuit, and we attacked it without breaks for about 90 minutes.  Leslie only got stronger as the workout went on!  Her reps kept going up, I was impressed.)

Sunday, I got up, only to quickly realize the clocks had slipped forward, haha.  So while I intended to take in the 9 am  class, my sleeping in caused me to miss that.  So I split my weights workout in half:  I did chest work, THEN went to spin, then did a triceps workout.  It worked out quite well.

Chest, Spin, Triceps: (30 sec rest between all weight sets)

incline barbell press:  95 x 15, 15, 14

flat barbell press:  135 x 12, 12, 6, 6

flat dumbbell flyes:  60 x 12, 12, 12

cable crossovers:  60 x 12, 12, 12


reverse grip pushdown:  90 x 15, 15, 15, 15

close grip dumbbell press:  100 x 12, 12, 8

seated two handed DB extension:  50 x 12, 12, 12

Ab work:  prone leg raises:  20, 20, 20

notes:  my shoulder didn’t feel 100%, so weight was light on the barbell presses.  It was a good idea, my left shoulder gave out first, and I didn’t try to push through the pain.  Not worth it.

The chest routine is a pretty solid mix as you see:  incline press then a flat press, then you stretch it out with the flyes, then squeeze it together with the cables.  I went too light with the cables, I will up the weight next time.  Flyes were about right for that tempo and volume.  But the flyes and cables felt REALLY good.

Spin was good.  I didn’t push it too hard, my calves were pretty sore and tight from the Friday workout (still!), so I just went lighter than usual and flushed them out.  Andrea was supposed to lead this class, but she wasn’t there, it was Mike instead – the older guy with all the tattoos.

Triceps also went well.  I am sad I didn’t complete all the presses, but again my lagging shoulder holds up the work on the other muscles.  It just goes that way, no shortcut around it unless you want to risk another sprain.

I was feeling good so I did some abs to finish it up!

And how about you?  Any good workouts today?