Today is a rest day for me, meaning no weight training.

I got up first thing in the morning however, like always, and headed down to the gym, like always, and did a spin class, like always.  Courtney was teaching!  It was quite hard.  the centrepiece of the class was this 10 or so minute long song that was divided into 3 blocks of 3 mini-blocks of races.  Each mini-block you add tension, and the mini-blocks get longer each block, with rest in between blocks.  Does that make sense?  haha, here is a process map:

0:00 – start race

0:30 – add tension

1:00 – add tension

1:30 – break

2:00 – start race

3:00 – add tension

4:00 – add tension

5:00 – break

5:30 – start race

6:50 – add tension

8:10 – add tension

9:30 – end!


In practice, those 60 second long and 80 second long 3rd mini blocks were rough!  I kept the tension heavy whenever possible, and had a good workout.  Sweat dripping off my face the whole hour.

whatever I was going for with this pic, it did NOT work out

whatever I was going for with this pic, it did NOT work out


So if today was my rest day, why get up early and work so hard?

Rest day isn’t an excuse to do nothing at all.  You need to stay active, just not do the weight training.  I burn thousands of calories a day just living my life:  going to work, walking around downtown, running errands.  If I crash and lie in bed all day, I burn so few calories that if I eat even regularly (3000 calories), I have a good chance I wont burn it all off.  in other words, I put on weight.

Even worse, for someone like me, if I am idle for too long, I get bored.  And feel more inclined to eat.  Illogical as it seems, I tend to take in the MOST calories on the days I burn off the LEAST.  Exercising keeps me distracted and happy.

If you have been working hard in the gym, yeah of course take a rest day.  But do SOMETHING.  Go do something active you enjoy.  Go for a walk in the park, play basketball with your friends.  Don’t have a marathon video game session and watch all the Lord of the Rings movies back to back while eating pizza.  Those are fun too, don’t think I don’t recognize that, but they will set you back, and undo your days of hard work at the gym.

A rest day should be a chance to enjoy all your hard work, not undo it.  You have sweated your butt off so that you can go out and enjoy your life, why not do so?


So no weights for me today!  I did early morning spin, got my burn on, caught up on a lot of work (worked late actually), took a few long walks around lunch, came home and sat in the hot tub, ate light just in case (aimed for a low cal day, maybe 2700 or so).  I doubt I lost much weight today, but I sure as hell didn’t gain any.


See you tomorrow!