Woke up Thursday morning, took my time heading to the gym, got there about 6:30 am.  Decided no spin class for me today:  weights then elliptical.  I just wanted to get some good iron time in.

Chest & Tri (30 sec rest b/w sets)

incline db fly:  80 x 12, 9, 9

pec deck:  120 x 12, 12, 12

incline db press:  120 x 15, 9, 6

flat db press:  120 x 12, 10, 10, 10

rope pushdowns:  120 x 12, 11; DROP SETS 120 x 11, 100 x 8, 80 x 10; 120 x 8, 100 x 6, 80 x 7

seated two hand db extension:  70 x 12, 9, 6

low cable triceps extension:  45 x 15, 15, 12

db skullcrusher:  40 x 19, 10, 11

elliptical:  30 min, resistance 65%, incline 9


notes:  my energy did not feel great this workout.  The flys felt real heavy right off.  Cables were busy, so I used the pec deck instead, which was a bummer.  I am not sure my chest got a sufficient pre-exhaust.  Like last time, I kept the incline of the bench shallow to keep tension off my shoulders, but still my shoulder started giving out during the incline presses and the flat presses.  It was frustrating.

Rope pulldowns felt good when I remembered to keep my shoulders packed.  Doing drop sets with only 30 seconds rest smoked the muscles pretty good!  I had nothing left for the db extensions, haha.  It was my first time doing a low cable extension – basically I laid down backwards on the cable row bench.  It went ok, but in reviewing it in my mind, I did not keep my arms stable enough, my upper arms kept drifting forward (only the forearms should move).  I will also use a rope next time as well, not the straight bar.  The db skullcrushers kicked my butt because I had been hitting the triceps over and over, so low weight high reps finished me off quite completely.  It was my first time with this new triceps routine, and I would rate it quite challenging!  Then it was off to the elliptical.


And how about you?  Any good workouts today?