One of the reasons overtraining as a concept exists is that people don’t realize that lifting weights or going for a run is only PART of your training.  I read a comment on youtube today:  there is no overtraining, only undereating and undersleeping.  I think that makes an important point:  diet, rest and exercise all have to come together for you to train.  (Not to say you can’t overeat or oversleep, haha!)  You have to remember to balance, you can train like a beast, but you also eat like a horse and sleep like a rock.


thanks Goku!


So Friday I trained hard.  Now Saturday I get to take it easy.  It’s rest day!!  Hooray!


I slept in and headed down to the gym to do some cardio (active rest day! not comatose rest day! live your life and do what you love!).  My neighbour asked me to join him for a 11 am spin.  And so it was.

Monique taught this spin, and… what to say.  Not to come off as overly critical, because without spin teachers I would be bored out of my mind doing cardio alone, buuuuut… this chick needs to learn some new songs.  The record is broken, people!  While we’re at it, she needs to learn about fartlek.  15 min of heavy seated climbs results in a very sweaty Jeremy still breathing through his nose and with a not-so-elevated heart rate.  Balance the seated climbs out by sprinkling in some sprints!  Keep the heart rate bouncing around!


After class, my neighbour invited me to go see the new GI Joe movie, which was EQUALLY as painful!  Today has felt like an odd punishment for my hard work, haha.


How about you?  Was today a rest day?  Leave a comment!