Have I mentioned how excited I am for all my friends competing in the WBFF Montreal Pro Am this weekend?  I train in the same private studio as about 9 of these people… NOT to mention my trainer, Leslie is competing!  Speaking as a newcomer to this process, the progress in the way people look since the Fall has been fantastic!  Good luck everyone!  All your months of diets and hard work are about to pay off!

Here is a video for all those competitive athletes out there that I am blessed to have met, and get to train with every day.

I, however, am not ready for primetime yet.  Back to the gym for me.

Friday I made it to the gym for 6 am Spin class.  That class went pretty well, AND Andrea the instructor threw in Paradise City AND she used it properly!  I made sure to thank her after for that GnR track, one of the more challenging I have ever encountered, with that extended power race at the end.

Morning Chest (30 sec b/w sets)

cable crossovers:  2 warm-up sets; 160 x 12, 11, 7

incline fly:  80 x 12, 12, 10

incline db press:  120 x 15, 12, 9

flat db press:  120 x 12, 11, 8, 7

notes:  not so pleased with this workout, my energy just was not holding up.  Oh well, it is a tough routine, lots of heavy pre-exhaust, and limited rest.  I am due for a breakthrough any day now.

At lunch I headed out with my coworker for some triceps.  I even got him to join in with me for a few sets!  And then I promptly crapped on his form, haha!  Oh well, he heard my advice, shrugged it off, and kept doing whatever he felt like doing.  Meh.

Noon Triceps (30 sec rest!)

rope pushdowns:  120 x 12, 12; DROPSET  A. 120 x 12, 90 x 12, 60 x 22 (partials); B. 120 x 12, 90 x 10, 60 x 24 (partials)

2 hand seated extension:  70 x 12, 12, 12

prone low cable extensions:  45 x 15, 15, 15

db skullcrushers:  40 x 20, 19, 16

assisted pullups:  10 widegrip, 8 hammer grip, 8 hammer grip

notes:  I was really happy with this workout!  My arms are responding to the work in a way that my chest just isn’t, haha.  Progress all around.  With the pushdowns, once I got to the last drop, I just busted out a bunch of quick half reps.  The pump was great!  Sadly it was only the start of my workout, so they felt swollen and painful during the cable extensions, lol.  So sore!  The dumbbell skullcrushers remain a killer finisher, all those reps just squeeze the last bits out of the fibres.  My coworker wasn’t done his fullbody whatever he was doing, so I did pullups while I waited.

And then it being Friday, it was my cheat day!  Even with the strategy to “refeed”, aka drop in a bunch of carbs, I still can’t bring myself to eat much starch.  I just don’t want it!  For example, for breakfast I was dreaming of pancakes, but when I stared at the menu, there were about 9 or 10 other things I wanted MORE, like meat and eggs, haha.  I guess I DGAF about bread or potatoes any more.  Here is what I had:

beans, cheese, eggs and meat in the burrito

beans, cheese, eggs and meat in the burrito

And that was my day!  How about you?  Any good workouts?