I didn’t get to do Legs on Sunday, so I have been doing some juggling of my split as I play some catch up.  Monday was a really heavy day, but with supervision, so Tuesday I would do Arms, which is relatively light (in terms of stress on the body) and requires no supervision to be awesome 🙂


Woke up Tuesday with a REALLY stiff neck!  Whatever the acupressure dude did to my traps on Monday caught up to me in the middle of the night!  I could barely move my head around!  I rested that morning, slept in extra, chilled out, no morning cardio for me, sorry.

Monday night was a heavy carb night, with the cake and all, so I tried to go lower than usual on the carbs in the morning, cut out my morning fruit.  My energy was dipping a little low, but it wasn’t a crisis or anything.

Slipped out at lunch for some arms at the office gym!  Time was short and I wanted to do triceps AND biceps, so I spliced the 2 together into an unholy union – I supersetted them.  Back and forth from one to the other, with minimal rest.  Let the games begin!

Arms (minimal rest b/w sets and exercises)

Superset 1 Rope Pushdowns and Spider Curls:  135 X 12, 12, DROPSET 135×12, 105×12, 85×12; 135×12, 105×6, 85×8;

35×15/15, 15/15, 15/15, 12/12

Superset 2:  Standing 2 hand db tricep extensions and incline curls:  70 x 12, 12, 12; 60 x 12, 10, 4

normal set:  (30 sec rest b/w sets) low cable tricep extensions:  60 x 15, 15, 15

normal set: rope hammer curls: (30 sec rest b/w sets)  120 x 12, 10, 10, DROPSET 120 x 12, 90 x 10, 75 x 8, 60 x 12

normal set: (30 sec rest) dumbbell skullcrushers:  40 x 20, 20, 20


notes:  is that hard to read?  lol.  I started off supersetting rope pushdowns and spider curls.  Those were feeling really good, so on the last 2 sets of the tricep movement I threw in a couple of drop sets!  Supersetting drop sets?!?  What, you think this is a game?!?  hahaha, I think other people in the office gym thought I was either crazy or an asshole, hahaha!

That tired the poop out of me though.  I supersetted the db extensions (standing, both hands, behind the head) and incline curls.  I normally do those seated, but adjusting the bench over and over would take time and focus away from the weight, PLUS it has been really torqueing my low back lately, so I did it standing and brought in more support from my core.  The core support worked, I was able to grunt through those sets, but I was getting my butt kicked by those incline curls!  Admittedly, I set the incline REALLY deep, but I was just out of gas on that last set (only did 4 and had to stagger over to the water fountain).

I realized the next few exercises in my workout both used cables, and it is a small gym, so I decided not to superset those.  I lay down a mat and did the low cable extensions – the triceps burn really good after a set of 15!  I didn’t know what to do with my arms between sets, they just burned mercilessly, even though the sets themselves felt really smooth, the rest was murder!

Then I decided rope hammer curls might be easier on my tendonitis than bar curls, so I did 3 straight sets followed by a triple drop set.  Wore those biceps out!  It was a good finisher.

Then it was time for my triceps finisher – the db skullcrushers.  Doing those curls gave my triceps time to rest, and so I blazed through 3 sets of 20 like never before!  It was a nice boost to my confidence to blow those weights away, even though the parameters of the workout were slightly different than normal for my arm routine- heart rate high and the pace is fast, but the muscles get slightly more time to rest than I normally give them.


My neck was still stiff so I wasn’t really up for cardio (lazy mf! do some cardio!!! soon)


And that was the day!  how about you?  Any good workouts?