My neck has not stopped being stiff, so I am going on a forced hiatus from the gym.  Just a short one, and I would much rather be there, but there it is.
When lifting weights, if you are going heavy and going often, most people recommend a sort of light, or off, or “deload” week, every month or two.  Give your nervous system a chance to relax, reset yourself, come back at the gym fresh.  My trainer had been hinting that I might want to do this while she is away on vacation.  However, I didn’t feel like it, I didn’t “feel” worn out, so why take a break?  But now my neck has had a painful pinch in it for almost a week… almost a week of me not being able to turn my head to the right without pain.  So… I have tried going to the gym and working around it, but it hasn’t gone away, so now this weekend I am just going to rest it up.

Maybe a massage might make it feel better, but honestly, I think last Monday’s massage is what screwed it up in the first place, so it feels like throwing money after bad money, and it is discouraging.

My plan for now is rest this weekend, maybe catch a showing of Iron Man, take pain pills as desired, rest up, and go back to the gym on Monday.  I have to head back to work on Monday anyways, so it’s not really a rest day, so may as well head to the gym too.  The tough part about no gym for the weekend is that it’s my major outlet for stress.  So now stress builds up, no endorphins as a reward for me.  If after 2 days on the weekend of no gym has me a little antsy, imagine a full day of work without a release???  I would be clawing my own eyes out!

But anyways, sometimes deload week gets forced on you.  So I am on a forced rest break for now, hope I feel better soon.