So I was going to work out, with a bit of trepidation, but then I got a great last-minute session in with the acupressure guy.  Bittersweet because I think he put me out of commission to begin with!

So he works on my traps, upper back, middle back, shoulders and neck.  I told him straight up, ever since my last session with him I have been sore, and trying to take extra rest, but now enough is enough, I need him to fix this.  (no pressure!)

While he is working on my neck, his style sort of “gets to me”.  His style is to press in deep with his knuckle, elbow, whatever.  But on my neck… pressing down hard into the soft part of my neck and throat just really agitated me.  I found it… threatening.  You know?  Like, if someone started gently prodding your eyeball over and over, it would start to freak you out, right?  Instinctively, you get very defensive.  So after 5 min of him pressing into my throat (he wasn’t squeezing my windpipe or anything, just digging into my neck muscles), I finally had to tell him to STOP – this was bothering me.  He switched sides and worked on the other half of my back.

After it was over, he offered up his thoughts.  He thought my upper chest was very tight.  He started to ask if my workouts were too chest-heavy.  He asked me, “do you bench more than you row?”  (paraphrasing)  I responded that no, my back is generally stronger than my chest.  I also told him I love back day, don’t skip it, and tend to keep a pretty tight parity in my chest/back working sets, and in fact I tend to hit the back from more angles and with heavier weight.  So yeah, I row more than I bench.

He said “hmmm” to himself for a second, and then asked if I can chest fly more than I reverse fly.  I raised my eyebrow.  Well… yeah.  He said there you go!  Your chest is overpowering your back and dragging your shoulders forward and down, creating an imbalance.  I should instead strive to rear delt fly as much as I fly.

Ok, in my mind I am going WTF.  The pectoralis major is a MUCH bigger muscle than the posterior deltoid!  Of course it can lift more!!  So now I think he’s full of shit.

Taken more generally, however, I must admit I am worried about becoming imbalanced.  I think one of the reasons I sprained my shoulder to begin with was that a year or two ago, I LOVED hitting chest, and frequently missed back day.  On top of that, we humans have a lot of genetic potential to build up our chests.  We used to walk on all fours, those gorilla chests came in handy.  Even though we have puny bird chests now, the genetic potential for a huge chest is still there.  so it’s easy to grow faster in the chest than the back.  So maybe my chest is just growing faster?  My back feels great to me, but maybe it’s lagging?

So, leaving behind his piss poor examples, what if my front is unbalancing my back?  I need to stretch out the chest a lot more.  To be safe I will do more chest stretches after a workout.  I will go over my routine and my split with my trainer.  Personally, I feel I hit the antagonists a LOT, I do rows and pullups over and over!  But we will go over it.  I don’t feel right in lessening the volume on my chest, I just love it too damn much, but maybe I can add more volume to my back.


What about you guys?  Have you faced any muscular imbalances before?  Leave a comment below!