ok! diet dialed in! routine dialed in! lunches made for the week! let’s do it!

and then the gym kinda sucked.

I showed up for the 7 am spin class, was pedalling along, clearing my mind, doing what the teacher said but otherwise meditating away, and a friend leans over to me and whispers “you should pedal faster”.  I am like… uhhh, you are pedalling slower than me, and all I get in return is a tomahawk chop pantomime straight ahead to the teacher, sort of a nonverbal “shoosh” move.  So, pedal faster and stop talking?  I thought I was completely silent and pedalling as hard as I could against the resistance I had it set on… who knew??

So after a quick blast of criticism out of nowhere, my zen moment was gone, now I was self-conscious.  I don’t know, cardio for me is sometimes a go crazy, pant as hard as I can and grunt and groan, and sometimes it is a chance to clean out my head space.  I would seriously doubt that even in the latter case, I am burning less than 700 calories, prob even 800, so… I will just scratch my head.  Sometimes being in a weight loss competition means it is open season to criticize you, I have to accept that as constructive regardless.

Went to work, slipped out at lunch for a leg and abs workout.  Was just getting started then my boss shows up!  mmmmmm, now I am self-conscious again.  He just showed up to work out, but that sort of made me self-conscious again, so the intensity didn’t really show up.

Legs & Abs:

dumbbell squats (45 sec rest):  180 x 8, 10, 10, 10

dumbbell lunges (30 sec rest):  90 x 12, 12, 12

dumbbell stifflegged deadlifts (30 sec rest):  180 x 6, 80 x 12, 120 x 12

dumbbell calf raises (30 sec rest): 140 x 25, 25, 25, 25

lying leg curls (30 sec rest):  105 x 15, 15, 15; 135 x 12

stability ball crunches (30 sec rest): 25, 25, 14, 16

static plank (30 sec rest):  45 seconds, 45 sec, 45 sec

bicycle crunches (30 sec rest):  30, 30, 30

notes:  The work gym has no squat rack, so I used DBs for the squats and the SLDL.  I will be honest, they were really awkward, ripped up my calluses a bit too, but that is unavoidable.  The squats, they kept scraping against my legs, but I pushed them out despite the scraping around throwing the weight off and making it slightly unstable.  The db SLDL I felt right away in my low back instead of my hamstrings, so I dropped the weight a lot so I could feel the stretch, and then worked up a bit.

For the ball crunches, my low back got sore again, so I cut those short.


Overall a sort of meh day in the gym.  Oh well, not gonna stop! Tomorrow is rest day! Hooray!