Today I was down at the Canadian Museum of Civilizations watching the SAF Summer Spectacular.  SAF is “Serious About Fitness”, I don’t know much about them beyond they put on shows for women to compete in Figure and Swimsuit categories.

I am new to this field of competition, but as I understand it, “Swimsuit” competitors tend to be fit in a real skinny way, whereas “Figure” competitors tend to have a lot of visible muscle definition on them.  By contrast, “Bodybuilding” categories, whether men or women, try and get their muscles as big as possible.

Maybe the fields have more to them than that, but that is my surface understanding.

I was at this SAF show watching my friend, Jamie, compete! (Jamie was competing in Figure)  She has a great blog by the way, all about her fitness journey.

Being in an online “transformation challenge” myself, I had this keen interest to watch people get their moment in the spotlight, where they can show off all their hard work.  First thing right off, there were a LOT of competitors!  Figure had a trailerload of girls, Swimsuit had a trailerload of girls, and “Pro” Division (those with a history of winning move up into a special category, which helps the Organization groom those people that can sell ad space, and keep the main category from being lopsided so new people can enter and have a fair shot) had a bunch of girls too.

Jamie is second from the right!

Jamie is second from the right!

As you can see by the pic, they could barely fit all the figure competitors onto the stage.

OK, down to the results.  My friend did not place, which will be a huge disappointment to her, but I have already vocalized my concerns in the past about how these things are judged.  I don’t feel qualified to really pick the judges apart, but I don’t agree with their choices.  Nothing against the girls.  At any rate, I won’t stew about the results.  I am simply happy my friend got her moment on stage, with everyone cheering for her, big smile, best shape of her life.  That is pretty special, when you get right down to it… how many people get that chance?

I took a bunch more pics, but they did not turn out so well, so as I find other people with more luck, I might post a few.

For the afterparty, Jamie had rightly earned a nasty, greasy, indulgent cheat meal, and she chose to have it at the Lone Star, where she used to work, and where she will be surrounded by friends and family.  I really wanted to go, but unfortunately, I had committed to my own fitness journey, and I was required to get my daily workout in.

It is a funny in kind of a sad way that my fitness journey exposes me to all these fun, new social events… which I have to then skip out on so I can go get fit.  But it was Saturday late afternoon, almost early evening and I had to find a gym.  Tonight was chest and shoulders!


Chest & Shoulders:

Smith Machine Chest Press (30 sec rest) warmup, 120 x 12, 12, 12, 12

incline DB fly (30 sec rest) 120 x 10, 8, 6

flat DB press (30 sec rest) 140 x 10, 10, 6, 6

seated cable fly (30 sec rest) 70 x 12, 12, 9

Smith seated military press (30 sec rest) warmup, 100 x 8, 5, 5, 5 DROPSET 50 x 10

Superset reverse DB fly & facepulls 40×12/60×12 (60 sec rest) 3 sets

barbell front raise (30 sec rest) 70 x 10, 8, 8

Arnold presses (30 sec rest) 60 x 12, 8, 7, 7, 8

notes:  my shoulders were so weak after the chest work!  On some level this is to be expected.  On another level, they are underdeveloped because of the sprain, and they need some work to bring them up.  I was not happy with my performance in the overhead presses or the Arnolds, so I added a quick dropset after the overheads, and tacked 2 more sets onto the Arnolds.

And that was my day!  No stopping this train!  How about you?  Any good workouts?