I didn’t do Arms on Monday, so I had to play some catch up on Tuesday.  I SHOULD have gotten up early and busted out some arms Tuesday morning… but I was tired and slept in a bit.  I made it in for 7 am Spin, got my cardio in, but then had to head to work.

After work I got a tanning session in first, before weights.  I just felt like it.  Probably a bad idea, because I made it to the gym 10 min later, started lifting weights and got a headache.  I think that was from being thirsty and all the sunlight and UV light blasting my face.  Anyways, I did Chest and then did Arms.  Wanted to do Shoulders, but I was EXHAUSTED after arms, and had to throw in the towel and retreat home.


bench press machine (30 sec rest), warmup x 2; 195 x 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 7

flat DB press (30 sec rest) 140 x 12, 12, 7, 5

incline DB fly (30 sec rest) 120 x 10, 6, 5, 6


Tricep Giant Set:  closegrip DB press + 2H seated extension + skullcrusher

100/50/40 x 12/12/12; 100/50/50 x 12/10/12, x 7/7/12

Biceps Giant Set:  fat DB curls + fat DB hammer curls + reverse cable curls

70/70/40 x 12/12/12; 70/70/50 x 12/9/12, 9/6/12

notes:  gym was SO CROWDED.  It didn’t affect my chest workout, but doing the prescribed giant sets for triceps was impossible.  So I improvised my own tricep giant set that involved staying in place with a set of dumbbells and a barbell.  closegrip bench felt weak as shit, I think that was the fact I had just done chest, haha.

Those Bicep giant sets KILLED my forearms!  After every set they were throbbing and aching, it was really something.

And that was my workout today!  How about you?