My trainer is out of town this weekend, long weekend, all spin classes cancelled at the gym, it would be so easy to party and/or sit on my butt and pig out, watch a movie, just indulge myself.

Instead I decided to keep things moving and keep pushing myself.

I have not been to hot yoga in months, so I decided this would be my cardio for the weekend.  Not ACTUALLY cardio per se, it doesn’t get your heart rate up.  But it is most certainly hard work, and you will sweat buckets and you will feel great after.  But it had been months, and I was actually pretty nervous.  I didn’t want to do badly, I was nervous about my shoulder.  But stow all that, I headed down for a 10 am class.

I used to go to this studio all the time, but it has since rebranded itself, and changed around the curriculum somewhat.  So I was about to try out their standard Mix class.  It was going to be a 90 min class, and it was going to be HOT.

First things first, what is it about weekend hot yoga classes that draw all the babes out??  I was drowning in good looking women!  Definitely a prettier cross-section of people than I see at the gym.  I wasn’t there for that, but I can’t lie and say I didn’t notice it was babe city.  Sadly, women aren’t interested in “incredibly sweaty & not that good at yoga” guy, so I put all that out of my mind and focused on the yoga.

I was worried 90 min would drag on forever, but actually this “Mix” was pretty fast-paced and the time went by at a respectable pace.  I was also thrilled to see it was very vinyasa-light, so not that many sun salutations/chaturangas for my shoulder.  The teacher only asked us to do 4 Flows.  I abstained, as per the directions of my Trainer.  Instead the class had a pretty long standing series, so it was lots of work for the legs.  This was actually perfect, as I had DOMS in my legs, and this helped so much to flush it out!  While on the ground we did some ab work, which I also abstained from (I was doing abs on Sunday and wanted to rest up for that), and some lower back stuff.  I actually would have liked more lower back work, more spinal twists and locusts, but oh well.

And oh yes, I sweat BUCKETS.  Wisely, the rest of the room recognized giant sweaty man from the first minute, and they left a zone of empty space around me… for my sweat pool to expand into, haha.  It wasn’t a full class, and I would imagine no one wants to put their mat 4 inches from pool of sweat guy.

Overall I felt really strong throughout the class (balance was obviously rusty though)!  Great decision!  Took a pic after with the teacher, Robin.



Came home, got groceries, cooked up some meat for a few days, lunch, nap, all that.

I didn’t REALLY want to go the gym in the evening, it would have been SO easy to say oh well the gyms are closing early, don’t push it, just enjoy the hot yoga feeling and relax.  Instead I chose to keep going for it, headed to the gym for an evening session:  back and chest.


lying T-bar rows (30 sec rest) warmup, 115 x 10, 10, 10, 10

iso machine widegrip pulldowns (30 sec rest) 160 x 11, 8, 8, 8

iso machine closegrip rows:  120 x 30, rest 70 sec, 30 reps, rest 40, 20 reps, rest 20, 20 reps

free cable widegrip pulldowns:  70 x 40, rest 60, 30 reps, rest 30, 20 reps, rest 10 sec, 10 reps


smith machine presses (30 sec rest) warmup, 130(+ bar) x 12, 12, 12, 8 (rest 5 sec) + 4

incline db fly (30 sec rest) 120 x 12, 7, 6

flat db press (30 sec rest) 140 x 10, 10, 5, 5

seated cable fly (30 sec rest) 70 x 12, 12, 12, 9, 8


notes:  the workout felt awesome! glad I went for it!  This was my backup gym, and the cable pulldown situation there is dire, only one station and always crowded.  I decided to do T-bar rows for my middle back instead of bent over bb rows, and good F’in choice! They felt great!  Crushed my junk a bit up against that stupid pad setup, but oh well.

I tried the iso machine for widegrip pulldowns, and it was MUCH heavier feeling than the cables at my main gym, so I had to lower the weight and it was still hard.  For the pump set I used the “Freemotion” cable widegrip pulldowns, and they felt great, but the machine is not built for tall people, so I couldn’t extend my arms fully without losing tension.  I wouldn’t use that machine for my heavy set because I want full range of motion, but for the pump set I didn’t mind getting half ROM.

While setting up for the Smith presses, saw a dude squatting 455!  Good form and everything, going past parallel.  Well for 455 he used resistance bands to support the weight (probably because it was a new weight for him), but for his warmup of 405 he didn’t use bands.  I made sure to go up to him and give him props.  Good job man.

The whole chest workout went so well that I threw in an extra 2 sets of seated cable flyes.  Just felt right.  Chest had a nice pump after!  Might have to do back and chest together in the future, it felt too good.


And that was my day! Great start to the long weekend!