Got up, went to the gym, quickly realized SOMEHOW against all odds, same routine every day, that I could not find my lock for the locker.  So I couldn’t lock up my stuff.  So I decided just do arms, carry all my valuable stuff around with me, in between sets run back and check on the locker for my other stuff (my clothes, my lunch, etc).


giant set tricep pushdowns & high tricep extensions & reversegrip tricep extensions – 120×12, 120×12, 90×12

giant set:  smith machine closegrip press & skullcrushers & tricep pushdowns – 110×12,60×12,120×12; do set two times


seated db curls & hammer curls across the body & reverse curls – 35s x 12, 35s x 12, 60×5

35s x 12, 35s x 3…


notes:  trying to do triceps giant sets continues to be a shitshow in that gym, even at 6:30 in the morning on a Tuesday I can’t hold a spot when I walk away from it, ppl keep pushing their fat heads in.  My first giant set for triceps I had to improvise based on what was available.

For biceps, I decided not to bother with the fat gripz, just get it done, grab up all my loose crap and get out.  Unfortunately, right away in the hammer curls I knew something was wrong.  Each time I lifted the weight I felt a “pop” in my mid back, left side.  I worked my way through the pops, but then the reverse curls my back felt sore.  So I stopped, experimented doing the exercises with a really light weight, felt fine.  Tried hammer curls with the 35s again, felt fine.  So I tried to do a second giant set.  Seated curls felt fine, but when I went for hammer curls, now my back was specifically in a bit of pain.  So I had to stop.

Not knowing what to do, I went to work.  I called around for a massage therapist at the last minute.  Soonest one in the area could see me was 5:20 pm.  So I basically had the whole day at work with a pull in my back.  It wasn’t excruciating, but it screwed me up and my whole range of motion, all day.

Went to the RMT, said I am used to deep tissue, lay it on me.  Lay there for 90 min, felt super relaxing but NOT DEEP, when it was over, I stood up and it felt sore immediately, no better!  Fuck!  Walked out of the room, she asked me how I felt, I said its sore, she mini-nodded – but better right??  NO!

So she showed me some stretches (which I can’t effectively do because my chest is too big to do those), suggested I use lots of heat and rest (so go buy a “moist heating pad”?  more $? great) and said keep training just be mindful of how it feels and back off as needed.  I pulled my teres and rhomboid and all that stuff.

I am pissed.  I can’t train like I want right now, training this morning was a total shitshow.  My mind wants it so bad but my body can’t.  And it’s frustrating.  This might be hard for others to understand, but when you are trying to be “competitive”, and you give everything you have, and something fucks up, you get SO FRUSTRATED.

I have chest and back tomorrow, will see how a night of sleep goes.

Just very unhappy right now.