I have been awol for a few days.  Still working out, still dieting, still on the grind, just no blogging.

Final weigh-in today!  To warm me up for it, I did 2 hours of spin in the morning, 2 classes back to back, felt good, felt strong.

Went for the weigh-in, and guess what?  Down another 9 pounds this week alone!!  I have lost 33 pounds in 6 weeks!


Crazy right?  I am now at the lowest I have weighed in a long time, and this time I have a lot more muscle and strength.

Obviously, I owe a lot to my trainer here, Leslie.  I have had  trainers before, and no disrespect to any of them, because trying to make someone better in spite of themselves is a draining process, but Les seems equipped to provide some of the positivity and emotional support I need to carry me forward.

It was never easy, and many days were harder than others.  These past 6 weeks were even harder than the past 6 months.  I had to measure every portion, time every meal, plan every workout, sleep solidly.  I tried to shave the margin for error as close as I could, so I could see what I was made of.

4 weeks in, I started to play mental games with myself, I was in serious risk of self-sabotage.  Does Les treat this competition as seriously as I do?  I want this competition so bad, do I need to kick everyone else out of my life so I can focus harder?  Why is my training changing?  Why is my diet changing?  Why won’t she let me sodium load?  Who can I trust?

This is hard to understand if you haven’t been there, but you get paranoid, your objectivity is gone.  And this is when you need a coach worse than ever, to be a sober eye and reassuring hand.  Thankfully, Les was patient with me, and we rode that patch out.

So how did I do?  They will pick a winner in about a month or so.  To tell the truth, I am at a big disadvantage, this isn’t a weight loss competition.  With only 6 weeks, it is more of a shot to get people to chisel out their abs and striations.  Can you see my abs?  NO.  Is my BF at a respectable level now?  NO.


Did I bring my best package forward?  YES.  Did I give it 100%?  YES.  I have no regrets, even when I was paranoid, I didn’t slip.  I carried Tupperware with me to business meetings, I never drank a thing but water.  Diet was really the big factor for me here.

What’s next for me?  I don’t have any competitions on the horizon that I can see just yet, so I am going to re-establish a routine, re-establish a diet, and start the next leg of this marathon to fitness!  Les is going to dial in a diet for me that gives me slightly more cals, so I can try and build up some lean muscle mass, most of my goals right now in the short term include building up my back and arms, while still losing weight.  Impossible?  Let’s see.

Enough talk, time for some pics!



hard to smile when you suck your gut in!

hard to smile when you suck your gut in!

See you guys soon with more workouts!