OK, time for the REAL reward.  Screw winning a prize, let’s go have a cheat meal!  Don’t try this at home kids, we’re professionals.

Sunday I went to the buffet with Les!


Plate 1 – Salad Plate – I do this out of habit, to get some roughage in early so that I don’t totally bind myself up with Chinese food and breakfast meat, haha


Plate 2 – this is the plate where I pile everything on top of each other!  It was Sunday brunch buffet so the restaurant had breakfast and lunch together, so for example I took a pancake, rolled up some szechuan beef inside it, then smothered it in meat sauce.  Impressive!


Szechuan beef meat sauce crepe pocket

Szechuan beef meat sauce crepe pocket

Plate 3 – I sampled desserts here.  Pretty conservative!  however, I did order a pony jug of coke for myself, haha


Plate 4 – I headed over to the carvery for some roast beef and smoked meat.  That’s right, AFTER dessert.


My trainer went toe to toe with me on this buffet trip!  We tore that place up!  She opted for more “breakfast” foods, more bacon and waffles and pizza.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!

Round 1!

Round 1!

Round 2!

Round 2!

Round 4!

Round 4! forgot to take a pic of her round 3, but it was there, trust me.


After this, I waddled back home, napped, basked in my celebration meal, it was glorious!  For dinner I kept it light and delicious, some brie and tomatoes.




Monday I took the day off work!  But my coworkers still wanted to celebrate, so where should we go???  That’s right, back to the buffet!!!  2 days in a row of buffets, GOODBYE WEIGHT LOSS, haha.

Plate 1 was a salad plate again, but I ate it SO fast I forgot to take a pic, woops!

Plate 2 – the mix of whatever plate


Plate 3 – roast beef and quiche plate – note the coke to the top left


Plate 4 – Epic Dessert Plate!



The other thing going on this week, BESIDES 2 big cheat meals (I am back on the diet now, officially), is deload week – the week where I keep going to the gym, but dial down the weights, up the rest periods a bit, so as to give my CNS a break but keep the blood flowing.  Some might say leave the gym alone entirely, but for me, I like keeping up the habit of going to the gym, it gives me a place to do cardio, and look at women like a creep, and get out of the house for a bit or dodge the office or whatever.  I won’t get intense this week, but I will go, and this helps keep me active and not turn into a total slug.

Monday I went for a long walk, went for a tan, went for a massage, and then went to the gym for some leg day!

I did 8 sets of leg press, 5 sets of seated leg curl, 5 sets of lying leg curl, 4 sets of leg extensions, 5 sets of hack squats, then some time on the elliptical.  No point showing the weights, it was all light weight.  I wanted to do calf raises, but then I saw they had placed a warning sticker on the seated calf raise!

Kids stay away!

Kids stay away!

So, if I am to understand, teens aren’t allowed to do seated calf raises?  What a gyp!  I think it has something to do with teens not being capable of handling weight plates???  Nice policy Goodlife, let’s turn our kids into wussies by forcing them to stick to machines!


And that was my past 2 days!  What about you guys?  Any epic meals or workouts?