Wednesday double workout day was draining as hell.  I needed that Light Thursday just to recover.  Nevertheless, not being one to take a hint, I keyed up another 2 workouts for Friday.  Let the festivities commence!

Friday morning I headed down to the gym first thing to rock back and bis

AM Workout (about 60-90 sec rest)

cardio 20 min on the elliptical – this helped warm me up and get the blood pumping to all my sore spots

underhand pulldown:  135 x 10; 195 x 10; 210 x 10, 10

widegrip pulldown:  135 x 10; 195 x 12; 210 x 12, 12

one arm DB row:  55 x 10; 80 x 12, 12, 12

Romanian deadlift:  115 x 10; 155 x 16, 16, 16 – contrary to working hams, I tried to make this one a lower back exercise

hammer DB curls:  25s x 10; 35s x 20, 20, 19

bicep curl machine:  80 x 10, 14, 11; 70 x 11

EZ Bar Curls:  45 x 10; 75 x 7, 7, 10


notes:  back felt great!  Everything was progressing, felt strong.  But by the time I got to biceps, I was running out of gas.  I had to keep my weight low on the curl machine, and just do what I could.  No PRs for you, biceps.  Sorry!


Went to work, work work work.  After work headed to the studio for a full body workout with the trainer!

Fullbody (45 sec rest)

30 min cardio on the elliptical to warm up

Rack Pulls:  225 x 5; 275 x 5; 295 x 5; 315 x 5, 5 (below the knee)


Incline DB Press:  45s x 5; 55s x 5; 65s x 5; 75s x 5, 5

Bent Over Rows:  185 x 5, 5; 135 x 5, 5

DB Lateral Raises:  30s x 5, 5; 25s x 5, 5


notes: I am still new to rack pulls, but they felt good, strong and slow and controlled.  Looking forward to more of those 🙂  I was also pleasantly surprised by incline presses.  Traditionally those aggravate my shoulder so I started off with a cautious weight and kept working my way up and the shoulder was good so I made some gains 🙂  Bent over rows OTOH, I couldn’t get my form right, so we had to drop weight.  Lateral raises I have always had poor form on, so no surprise there.  We kind of ran out of time at that point, so it was short but sweet!


And that was my Friday!  No mercy, all work!  How about you?  Did you make it to the gym?