Friday morning I got up and TRIED to go for cardio, but after Thursday’s double workout day, I just ended up falling back asleep.  When I woke up, it was time to go to work.

After work I headed to the studio for a fullbody workout with the trainer.

Friday PM fullbody (long rests)

elliptical 20 min

twists x 150

Rack Pulls 275 x 5; 295 x 5; 315 x 5, 5, 5 (last set used straps)


Bent Over Rows:  135 x 5, 5; 155 x 5, 5, 5 – form is improving on these, so I will up the weight ASAP

Overhead Tricep Extension:  80 x 5; 85 x 5; 90 x 5; 95 x 5; 100 x 5


Hammer Curls:  80 x 5; 90 x 5; 100 x 5; 110 x 5; 120 x 5

cooldown:  stationary bike 5 min


After the workout, I saw they posted the winners for the 6 week Cellucor challenge I took part in.  You can see the winners here:


In other words, I wasn’t one of them.

I knew I didn’t win because I knew they were posting the winners today and had not contacted me, so obviously.  But when I looked through the winners, I didn’t see someone of my “type” represented, no one else ran my type of race.

I will speak more plainly, borrowing an unrelated post I saw on a Muscletech contest a month prior

lacking the, “being a complete porker,” factor in the BEFORE pic to merit more than an obligatory golf clap

In other words, I looked at all the before pics, and saw people with relatively well-defined muscles and an inflated paunch transform in 6 weeks to having visible abs.  That’s it.  All they did was strip off a superficial layer of fat.  To borrow a tweet from Craig Capurso (Cellucor-sponsored athlete) today, “went from good to great”.

But I didn’t start at “good”.  I went from totally out of shape, to much closer to in shape.  I looked through the winners’ before pics and didn’t see any jowls or manboobs or turkey arms, I saw muscle with a layer of fat over it.  There were no “much improved” contestants in the winners circle, and that was the kind of race I was running.

Not to take the win away from the contestants, they all worked really hard, and deserved those abs and the praise of others.  My disappointment is with the judges – all they seemed to want were offseason athletes, not repentant couch potatoes.  All they wanted were photo ops, photogenic ppl with visible abdominal muscles.  I could never hope to get my BF down low enough in 6 weeks to have a visible rectus abdominis.

It is a sad truth I was already aware of:  visible abs are what people use to guess how hard you work.  My only chance was if they wanted someone who lost a lot of weight in a short time, a quote-unquote inspirational story.  Forget about me actually winning, if I saw someone drop 40-50 pounds in 6 weeks, someone morbidly obese trying to TRANSFORM their body, I would tip my hat to them.  And maybe they wouldn’t give that morbidly obese person the winners trophy, but at least give them 3rd place or something, pick the best fattie and let them represent that demographic of contestants.

I know of a guy at my gym (no names) who is VERY morbidly obese.  Do you know what his 6 month goal was?  To be able to bend over and tie his own shoes.  And he did that, last week.  To me… that is a MAJOR TRANSFORMATION.  That guy deserves the $10,000 and a tropical cruise and free supplements.  We should all be so brave as to push so hard against the tide in our own lives.  Try not being able to bend over and tie your own shoes, for years, for DECADES, and then tell me if fighting to be able to do it again doesn’t transform your life.

But no, this was just a chance for a company to go fishing for shots of people with abs they could pin to their ads.  I would go so far as to say that calling this a “transformation challenge” was a joke.

I am disappointed by the way they judged this, not even as balanced as I had faintly hoped.

I did great during my 6 weeks, and I get positive encouragement all the time from people in my life, from my trainer, from my trainer’s other clients… but step outside that bubble, rejoin the other gym rats, and I don’t even register as a blip on their radar.

I am sure I will participate in a contest again, I enjoyed the experience, but my eyes are open now.  Expect nothing, and never be disappointed.

Overly-dramatic sore-loser blogger signing out for the day.