Recently I ran into someone who reads my blog (Hi Christine!), and she told me that sometimes my writing is a little too cryptic, I don’t always explain what I’m doing, much less how I do it.  I suppose that’s valid, I often treat the blog like a log, and use it to keep track of my gains.  I promise to beef up the notes, deal?

The other feedback I got is ‘why workout so much?  2 a day?  how do you find the time?’.  That is more of a personal choice.  I don’t find time, I make time for it.  On top of it, the gym has become my favorite therapy.  When I feel good, I go to the gym to celebrate, and when I feel bad, I go to vent.

I was feeling sore lately about the contest, so I decided I needed a major vent.  A workout so crazy, the thought of it scares you, and if its a really good workout, the moment you tell someone else they look at you like you’re crazy!

Why would you do all that??

If you can, you should.  I have been diligently chasing the iron on a more serious basis for about a year now, and I know I can push myself further.  So, pick a body part that can take a lot of punishment.  For most of us, that means the back or the legs, those parts that carry us around all day.  My lower back was still sore from the rack pulls on Friday, so that means… Leg Day!

I wanted a leg workout so scary I would need backup.  No better backup on leg day than a female workout partner.  Ladies love leg workouts.  It’s a well-known fact.  Legs and shoulders.  Ladies love legs and glutes like guys love chest and biceps.  I asked Leslie if she would workout with me and she said yes!  It’s on like Donkey Kong!

When I told Leslie the workout, she looked at me like I was crazy and said “why would we do all that??!”  That’s when I knew this would be a good workout.  I dumped the preworkout packet directly into my mouth (!!) and walked out of the locker room.

Sunday Legs:

A.  warmup – 15 min on the stairmaster (also letting the pwo saturate)

B.  Superset:  4-ways Leg Press & Barbell Squats – 85 reps on the leg press then 20 reps on squats.  The way we did leg press was keep your feet at the bottom of the platform, keep your legs shoulder width, do 20 reps, then move your feet up an inch without racking the weight, do 20 more reps, move your feet up another inch and do 20 more reps, then move your feet up to the top of the platform and do the last 25 reps.  At no point do you rack the weight, you get a few seconds while you reposition your feet, but the tension stays on the whole time.  Then when you hit 85 reps you get up and go do barbell squats.

As you move your feet up the leg press platform, you shift more of the work from your quads to your hamstrings.  Keeping your feet shoulder width will help you hit the outside of your thigh (the outer sweep you see on those people will well-shaped thighs).  The high rep barbell squats will finish you off nicely, nothing like high rep squats to tax you totally and get the heart rate up.  Go deep on both the leg press and the squats to activate those glutes!

my weight was

six 45 lb plates x 85 & 135 x 20 – do this superset 3 times (that’s 315 reps of fun!)

(Les and I took turns doing our sets, she would do leg press and squats, then I would, back and forth)

C.  Leg Extensions – Triple Drop Sets with Partials Finisher.  Pick a weight you can do 15 reps with, go until failure or 15 reps whatever comes first, drop the weight about 20%, do as many reps as you can, drop the weight 20%, do as many as possible, drop one more time, go until failure.

Les and I took turns, and on the last drop set, we immediately followed the third drop by bringing the weight BACK UP to HEAVIER than our first weight, and only doing partial reps.  Lean forward on the leg extension machine and only move the weight 4-6 inches.  This will hit the bottom of your thigh right over the knee.  Do not let the weight rest at the bottom during the partials, keep the tension on the whole time and go until failure.

my weight was

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 15 DROP 105 X 15 DROP 75 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 12 DROP 105 x 9 DROP 75 x 15

180 x 15 DROP 135 x 10 DROP 105 x 10 DROP 75 x 15 RAISE 195 x 3 partials DROP 180 x 5 partials

As you can see, my quads got progressively more tired each set.  By the last set, I needed to pause for a few seconds so I could finish at least the 180 set.  When I went back up the stack for heavy partials, my legs were gassed.  I could barely even move it at all, and so we dropped back down to my starting weight, and EVEN THEN I could barely move it 4 inches much less do 15 full reps like I did only a few minutes before.  My legs were spent.

When I got up from the leg extensions and walked to the water fountain I almost fell on my face!  I caught myself on a filing cabinet and rested for a few seconds.

D.  cooldown:  5 min on a stationary bike, 15 min walk outside.


This was all very simple as in not very many movements, but super-hard.  It was the best kind of workout, the kind you do when you are stressed out so you pour it all out until you have nothing left, and you crawl out of the gym with no regrets.  Why workout so hard?  You workout as hard as you can because you can.

Did you get any good workouts in this weekend?