Thursday morning I headed down to the gym for chest and triceps, but I ran out of time before work, so it was just chest.  These workouts are just too beefy man!  1 hour doesn’t cut it anymore, especially if I want to throw in cardio to burn more calories.

AM Chest (30 sec rest for warmups, 45 sec rest for main sets)

A.  rotator cuff warmup (5 sets of 15 reps with a 15 lb db, taking rotator cuff through ROM)

some sort of rotator cuff before you work chest or shoulders just makes sense.  pick your fave

B.  flat dumbbell press:  20s x 10; 30s x 10; 40s x 10; 50s x 10; 60s x 10 (warmup sets); 90s x 8,5

extra-long warmup cause it felt good.  Didn’t drop the dumbbell on myself today, hooray!  Actually, when I felt it failing, since nobody was near me, I dropped it and it tumbled away.  When I went to go scoop it up, I saw an old guy glaring at me.  Honestly, kiss my butt.  The moment you pick up a dumbbell heavier than a 25, let’s talk.

C.  decline barbell bench:  95 x 10; 135 x 10 (warmup); 205 x 5 DROP 165 x 8 DROP 115 x 12 DROP 95 x 17

I love decline bench, but don’t do it hardly enough.  It is easier on my shoulders than a flat or incline press, and I believe it technically hits MORE of your pecs.  I only ended up doing one triple drop set though, I realized time was short.

D.  Incline DB fly:  60 s x 10; 60s x 8 DROP 50s x 5 DROP 40s x 7

This incline fly went better than the last time, the time that guy tried to make me get off the bench.  Drop set flys are still hard as heck though!

E.  Cable Crossovers:  165 x 12, 12; 165 x 12 DROP 121 x 10

I had to share this machine with a different old guy, but he was real cool though, we just traded back and forth.

Do you notice how my gym is full of old guys at 6 am?  Only a handful of them do any actual work though.  The rest of them are just bored with nothing to do.

F.  cardio 25 min


Ran out of time, had to go to work.


After work I headed back to the gym for Triceps and Abs

PM Triceps (45 sec rest)

A. For warmup I went to the tricep extension machine and just pyramided the weight up without a rest until it got hard.

20 x 10, 30 x 10, 40 x 10, 50 x 10, 60 x 10, 70 x 10, 80 x 10, 90 x 6

So that was 8 sets in a row with no break at all, just slide the pin back in and start again.  It was mostly light weight though, just a chance to warmup.

B.  Skullcrusher Variants:  12 Top of the Head Extensions Supersetted with 10 Rocker Presses

I have done these variants before.  Basically for the first one, you lay on a bench, lower the bar behind your head, and then just extend your triceps and the bar out from your head moving away from you.  Easy to demo, hard to explain, haha.  For the Rocker Presses (started immediately with no rest), you lower the bar behind your head, keep the arms bent as you bring it back up against your chest, then you press it up (with a closegrip).  That’s one rep.  May as well go light, because technically you are doing 22 skullcrushers in a row, haha!

50 x 12&12, 12&10, 12&10

C.  seated two hand dumbbell extension:  50 x 10; 70 x 10; 80 x 12; 90 x 12; 100 x 12

I like these both seated and standing.  But my low back is still a little sore, so I did seated.  You sit down, bring the weight up to your shoulder, grasp with both hands, raise it over your head, and lower it slowly behind your head.  Just don’t let it deflect off your seat’s head rest, maybe tilt the seat back a bit if you need more clearance room.  I wouldn’t say either version seated or standing is easier, I do pretty much the same weight either way, maybe seated I am a bit stronger.  Happy to be using the 100 lb dumbbells again!  Hooray!

D.  Assisted Dips:  (130)x12 DROP (100) x 5 DROP (100) x 3

I wondered why I got so weak so fast on these drops, then I realized this was ASSISTED weight, so I was actually pyramiding up, making it harder!  haha.

(130) x 12 DROP (145) x 10 DROP (160) x 8

(130) x 10 DROP (145) x 8 DROP (160) x 7

(130) x 12 DROP (145) x 10

I admit, I suck at these.  They just put too much strain on my shoulder.  I can press more weight than this with my triceps in other exercises.  But still, I wanted to do these.  Sometimes you just put in work on your crappy exercises.  Also, 2 guys came traded sets with me, and they dips WITHOUT any assistance, so I felt like an extra tool.

E.  Roman Chair Knee Raises:  15, 15, 15

F.  Cardio 25 min


And then I went home!  2 trips to the gym today!  Kinda cause I had to, time was precious.  I also struggled a lot with diet today, maybe a topic for another time… suffice it to say the cravings were strong and I was REALLLLLLY grumpy all day!