I have been away for a while, sorry!  I haven’t been skipping workouts, just fell behind with posting.

Actually, some bad news – I am worried I might have a hernia from when I dropped the dumbbell on myself a few weeks back!  I have a doctors appt soon and I will get something conclusive ASAP.  For right now, it doesn’t hurt.  However…

I think I need to take it easy on training for a while until I know if I have a tear or weakening in my abdomen wall or not.  The plan for now is to do just isolation exercises, let the core rest until I get the all-clear from the doctor.  I am in Standby mode for now, meaning isolation exercises, go for endurance and calorie burn over building strength.  As soon as I am clear to lift for strength again, I will go back to heavy compounds.

Please note this doesn’t mean I won’t go to the gym, or go to the gym less often, or lift light or lift without intensity!!  I intend to go hard at the gym, just that I will try and keep my core out of it while I rehab.  I intend to go as heavy as I can on the isolations with short rest and lots of supersets.

Monday I headed to the studio to meet up with the trainer.  We spent some time reviewing my goals, which only left us with so much time to workout, so we decided to stagger leg and shoulder sets!  It makes for a very tiring workout, trust me.

(30-60 sec rest b/w supersets)

A. Superset:  Leg Extensions and DB Side Raises

120×15 & 20s x 15

140×15 & 20s x 15

150×15 & 20s x 15




notes:  I tried to keep strict form on the side raises, straight arms, or forearms never above elbows.  I always find these awkward to keep good form on, so I need to keep the weight low to really target the shoulders.

B.  Superset:  Prone Leg Curls and Full Front Raises

95×15 & 30×15

95×15 & 40×15

95×15 & 40×15




notes:  I had never done full front raises before, so this was fun!  I had to fight hard to keep from swinging, and it got quite challenging by the end.

C.  Rear Delt Cable Fly





D.  stationary bike with varying speeds, 10 min

Ok, so this was a pretty short workout for me, but I had a lot of planning and arranging to do!  Supersetting them together though kept the intensity up, so I feel like it was still a good challenge.  Stay tuned for more exciting stuff to come!