Got to the gym nice and early for a quick one.  Real simple supersets!


Morning Arms (45-60 sec b/w all supersets)

A.  Superset 2H Seated Extensions & Incline Curls

80×15 & 30s x 8

80×15 & 25s x 15

80×15 & 25s x 15

notes:  the incline curls started out hard but when I dropped 5 pounds they almost got too easy.  I think I should have warmed up a bit first.

B.  Straight Bar Pushdowns & High Cable Curls

100×15 & 80×15

110×15 & 90×15

120×15 & 100×15

notes:  now that I was warmed up, I was able to keep ramping up the weight.  Everything felt good.

C.  Prone Rope Extensions & Rope Hammer Curls

60×15 & 80×15

80×15 & 90×15

90×15 & 100×15

notes:  I wasn’t sure how the extensions would feel lying on the ground, but they felt fine.  Start out by spreading the rope handles apart at peak contraction, but as I get tired I can keep the handles together to make it just easy enough to pump out a few more reps.

D.  Palms Down Wrist Curls:  20s x 15, 15, 15

notes:   a little more for the top of the forearms!

E.  Stepmill 20 min


And that was that!  Plenty of time to go home, eat breakfast, then go to work!