Squat Day!  My personal best in the past was 245 for a set of 8, so realistically I was aiming for 3 wheels.  I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 20-25 min before the weights, sipped on a scoop of Fast Fuel and ReGen during the workout, then a scoop of ReGen right after.

We set up the cage to about parallel depth.  I don’t have any awesome pics of deep squatting, sorry.  Bear in mind I have big hams so it may be deeper than you think, but at any rate let’s say the heavy squats were just before parallel or around parallel.  Hippy form mofo’s, please critique and hate away; in the meantime I’ll keep pushing weight while you keep pushing hate, haha.

Oct 28 – Legs

Warmup 5 min on the elliptical

Heavy Squats (about 60-120 sec b/w sets)
225 x 5
245 x 4
265 x 4
295 x 2
315 x 2  PR
335 x 1 PLUS fail  PR
315 x 1

Hit my PR at 3 wheels, then one more PR!  I failed on the second rep of 335.  Then we dropped the weight to 315 and I had to squat cold from the cage up to rerack it, lol!  I was plum tuckered after that, so we lightened the weight for some light squat work, also dropped the cage bars one notch.

Overall I figure I beat my 1 rep max estimate by about 10%, so huge success!!

Light Squats to about parallel or slightly below, still 60-120 sec b/w sets
135 x 10
135 x 8 w/ 3 sec negs, PLUS 3 second HOLD at the bottom
135 x 15

We tried slow negs with a hold at the bottom, that was fun!  Tiring but fun.  Sets 1 and 3 were normal tempo.

Superset Stepback Lunges and Prone Leg Curls  (rest about 45 sec)
BW x 15 & 75 x 15
2×20 lb KBs x 12 & 75 x 15
2×30 lb KBs x 10 & 100 x 10

Tharz yur butt shot!!  Man, do I hate lunges!  Good thing I have a trainer, would be hard-pressed to do them on my own.

Superset Abs V-Ups and Single Straight Leg Raises (about 45 sec rest)
15 & 12
15 & 12
15 & 12

I also hate “boats”, but my tailbone felt good, so F it, let’s do it.

This rep looked like **** because I couldn’t keep my upright leg straight, but check OUT that butt shot!  I need a bearskin rug and a fireplace…

Whole thing took about an hour.  Massive PR tonight!  Thanks Fast Fuel!!