Conditioning Day!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel immediately prior to the elliptical, then took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen right after the elliptical, then a scoop of ReGen and some Creatine HCl right after the workout.

A.  30 min of elliptical:  120 sec low intensity, 30 sec high intensity

I noticed a bit of aftertaste and a bit of tingling in my lips, which was surprising!  I guess the Fast Fuel was kicking in more than usual.  Not unpleasant, just a different reaction than normal.  Elliptical felt fine, good focus and energy, didn’t get bored, 30 min passed by like it was nothing!

B.  “300 workout”  (my trainer said she stole it off 25 pullups 50 deadlifts  @ 135 pounds (conventional) 50 pushups 50 jump squats, using a TRX-like object (different brand) 50 floor wipers @ 135 pounds 50 clean and presses with the 45 pound bar 25 pullups

I thought the cleans would be easy but they ended up tweaking my right elbow a bit, I think it might need another acupressure session!

C.  foam roller upper back, piriformis, IT band

Real simple, lots of fun! Conditioning is not as enjoyable as lifting weights, but I found this one pretty enjoyable actually.

Some pics!