Deadlift day!

I asked my friend if she wanted to work out with me (I had been getting requests to “bring the girl back”).  She asked what I had in mind.  I mentioned it was scheduled as a deadlift day for me.  And her eyes lit up!  No joke, she loves deadlifts.

So I played around with the routine a bit to put more deadlift work in there.  A more extensive warmup, the main sets, real heavy low rep sets (known in the 5/3/1 book as Joker sets), lighter weight higher rep sets (known in the book as “First Set Last: Multiple Sets”) , had the straps on deck, had the Fat Gripz on deck, this one would have it all!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 30 min before the workout with a handful of dry oats for extra energy, got there 15 min early and sat in the massage chair for a bit to warm up   then took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen during the workout!  Then ReGen and creatine HCl after the workout.

Week 1 Deadlift Day (Conventional double overhand, not Sumo unless otherwise noted)
(traded sets back and forth with my friend, so rest time for me equalled her set, plus changing the weights)

45 x 10 Fat Gripz
80 x 5   Fat Gripz
115 x 5  Fat Gripz
145 x 5  Fat Gripz
175 x 5



210 x 5
240 x 5
270 x 6


Joker Set
305 x 0 Straps
305 x 1 Sumo, Straps



Back Off Sets

210 x 6
210 x 8
210 x 8


notes:  Real proud of my friend!  She did great.  I was feeling good so I went for the Joker Set… and failed, haha.  So I switched to Sumo, let out a beefy grunt, and busted out that rep.

I wanted to keep going with the Jokers, but my friend wanted to keep the workout at an hour (did I mention right before this she had done an hour of Spin?  60 min of Spin, then 60 min of deadlifts, pretty badass!)

She had to go at the hour mark, so I trimmed down the Back Off Sets, then after she left I did a little more Assistance work on my own.

Before she left though, she wanted to make sure the readers had more to look at, so she went to take a pic of her friends’ butts, hahaha. (They did Spin with her, then did their own Squat workout while we did DLs.)

Assistance (30 sec rest b/w sets, normal tempo)

One Arm DB Row

25 x 10/10 offleg stretched back
50 x 10/10 offleg stretched back
80 x 20/20 offleg at 90 degrees on bench

notes:  Basically 2 warmups then a single high rep set at a heavy weight (for me).  I don’t think Kroc has anything to fear from me yet, but don’t sleep!  I’m comin for ya, haha!  I play with the positioning of my non-supporting leg to make the exercise easier or harder. (ie. if I am rowing with my left, my right knee can be moved around on the bench to make it easier or harder.)

Hyperextension Machine

300 x 12
300 x 12
300 x 12
300 x 12

Roman Chair

15 knee raises
12 bent leg raises (45 degrees or so)
10 straight leg raises
10 straight leg raises
12 knee raises

After, I sipped on my post-workout drink while sitting in the sauna for about 10 min.  Came home and collapsed!  That was draining.  Good session, no PRs but a lot of good work.