Press Day

Today was supposed to be 5:30 AM Squat Day… but during the evening 2 things happened:  the fire alarm in the building went off at midnight.  Then I had a massive calf cramp at 3 in the morning.

I felt tired and limpy in the morning, so NO to early gym.  I wondered what I could do at lunch, or after work.  Work gym has no squat rack.  Chain gym gets busy as FUKKK right after work.  I did not relish fighting for the rack.

So I made the executive decision to use the work gym during the day and do presses instead.  Squats would get moved to Saturday.

I asked for permission to get out of work early, and snuck to the office gym.  It was almost completely empty – anyone with any common sense would go home instead of work out around 4 pm!!  Good thing I have no common sense.

Week 2 Overhead Press Day (normal tempo on all reps)

Warmup (1-2 min between press sets, including the time it took to do face pulls)

45 x 5 & Face Pulls 30 lbs x 20
55 x 5 & 30 x 20
65 x 3 & 30 x 20

Main  (2-3 min between pressing sets, including the time it took to do the pullups)

75 x 3 & 5 widegrip pullups
85 x 3 & 5 pullups
95 x 10 PR

notes:  When I went for AMRAP on the 3rd working set, I felt REALLY good.  So I decided to keep it going with Joker sets, and I would keep supersetting with some bicep work.

Joker Set (2-3 min between pressing sets, including time it took to do overhead cable curls)

105 x 3 & Overhead Cable Curls 45 per arm x 15
115 x 3 & 60/arm x 12
125 x 3 PR & 75/arm x 10
135 x 2  PR

notes:  The Joker sets felt GREAT.  But I didn’t want to be in the gym for too long, so I decided to transition into backoff sets and just rep it out.

Back Off Sets (no rest, back and forth shoulders to triceps)

75 x 10 & Overhead Tricep Extensions w/ Rope 90 x 15
75 x 10 & 105 x 12
75 x 6 & 120 x 10

My shoulders were damn tired at that point, so I went for some rear delt work.

Reverse Pec Deck thumbs down (45 sec rest)

90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 12

I was tired but pumped at that point!  I could have done more, but I wanted this workout to be quick and nasty, so I left for home.  The whole workout took less than 45 min, it was sick!

As always, one scoop of Fast Fuel 30 min before, a scoop of Fast Fuel and ReGen during, and a scoop of ReGen and some HCl right after.  That seems to be the magic combo for me.

Overall a really standout Press day for me, major PR!