Squat Day!

My friend agreed to come out with me for a quick one.  We only had an hour, so no time to mess around!  Oh, the sacrifices I make so you can get some better pics

Week 2 Squat Day
(traded sets back and forth with my friend, so rest time for me equalled her set, plus changing the weights)

120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 3



210 x 3
240 x 3
270 x 4



notes:  As you can see, my friend wanted to use a platform, all good with me.  Not me though, I wanted to go deep a bit.

From my first pic, you see I took a bit of a wide stance.  This is both comfortable, and gives my gut somewhere to go at the bottom, haha.

I like my second pic, because it demonstrates the issue of angle of the camera.  In the reflection, you could build the case that I haven’t made it to parallel.  But when you look at me directly, you see clearly that my big fat butt is nice and low.  And it felt low, my gut was squeezing against the inside of my thighs – that pic was my 270 set, and not my deepest set of course, but I think it didn’t look too bad.

A video would be the best thing if people wanted to check my form, but lots of activity was going on around me (you can see some of the traffic in some of the pics), and I can’t guarantee everyone wants their convos on youtube.  Maybe one day!  Just trust me, I am going DEEP

FTR, my friend’s best set was 170 for about 12, so I think we set her working sets too light.

For my 270 set, I was grunting HARD through those upward pushes, and my friend got concerned so she just started saying, “stop.  ok, done” and that kind of throws your mind off a bit, so I grunted out “ONE MORE” and did my 4th rep, then racked it, lol.


Leg Press (4 second negatives)

12 plates x 8
14 plates x 8
16 plates x 8

notes:  I took turns with my friend, I did leg press then she did more squats, that way we could go back and forth without having to change plates.  So my rest was her set, and vice versa.


This last pic is just a reminder its Movember!  Support the fight against cancer!!

 Ab Work (we did our sets simultaneously)

V-Ups x 12-15 then Push Through Crunches x 15 then Scissor Straight Leg Raises AMRAP

repeat this circuit 3 times total

We realized if we only had an hour, we had to cut the Leg Assistance short and head straight to Abs.  If I had planned it better, I would have done Leg Curls instead of Press.  I tried to put my feet high to target my hamstrings more, but this Press has a small platform to push, so that wasn’t a viable option.

I kind of wish we could have gone at it longer, I had lots of lead left in my pencil, but oh wellz, Deadlifts on Sunday!

Scoop of Fast Fuel before, scoop of FF and ReGen during, scoop of ReGen and some Cr HCl after, as per norm!

Getting sad my stash is almost burnt!!