Deadlift Day!

When I got to the gym, I wanted to get some solid cardio in, and a Spin class with one of the good teachers was starting up within the hour.  So I decided to get the deadlifts done no matter what, then whatever assistance I had time for; and then after Spin if I felt like more I could do more.

I had my scoop of Fast Fuel 45 min before the gym, a scoop of ReGen and I dumped out the last of my Fast Fuel jar for during the workout

Week 2 Deadlift Day (conventional not sumo, double overhand on all reps)

Warmup (1-2 min between sets)
130 x 5
160 x 5
190 x 3

Main  (2-3 min between sets)
225 x 3
255 x 3
290 x 5

notes:  My grip was what gave out in the end.  With the last set, my grip got real loose on the 5th rep, and I pondered for a split second whether to go for it.  But I managed to pull off a clean 5th rep even with it hanging from my fingers, and as I was lowering it back down, only then did it slip out of my grasp.

What was a real highlight for me with those lifts was the rack right next to me.  You have to understand that 50 something French Canadians rule the roost at one of my gyms.  They wander around, only half of them pick up a weight and the rest of them are social butterflies, carrying random conversations to and fro amongst the rest of the old man colony.

Sadly, the ones who pick up weights are rarely on a good path.  But they are too old to learn, and too stubborn to take me seriously, so I keep my mouth shut.  I know they are French Canadian not just from their words, but also their fashion, lots of long grey manes and ridiculous spandex and brightly colored bikini briefs.  Old Anglo-Canuck dudes tend to keep their hair short and their clothes conservative.

That was the set-up for my story.  So this Francophone dude leans over in between my sets and snatches my 5 lb and 10 pound right off my rack.  I am about to be like, “hey buddy I’m using those” but I hang back for a second, and am rewarded – he loads up the bar so he can… curl in the squat rack.

Yesssss…….. where is my camera??  Oh well, no camera.  It’s hardly a giant loss, as there is another 5 and 10 lb right ON HIS OWN RACK, so I just lean over and take his… maybe his eyesight had failed him.

For my rest periods between sets, I am inifinitely amused by his routine:  first curls, NATURALLY.  Then he does some bent over rows, which to his credit, he has pretty good form on.  Then he does upright rows… and not stopping until the bar is arms extension over his head, with his wrists draped over the bar awkwardly.  Snap city, buddy!  I hope you won’t miss your rotator cuffs.  Nothing like a shoulder snap in your 50s to fukkk you up FOREVER.

I keep my mouth shut mostly… mostly.  Right after my last set, another guy wanders up and asks if he can use the rack to squat.  I tell him I am done, and as I put the plates away I tell him at full volume, “yeah I know how frustrating it is when you want to squat and there is some guy curling in the squat rack, hahaha”

But the other guy didn’t react, so whatrvz


assisted pullups (30 sec between sets, regular tempo)
10 widegrip
10 underhand
8 hammergrip
5 wide
8 underhand
7 hammer
2 wide

notes:  basically as many sets as it took to hit 50 reps, 30 second breaks, rotating regularly through grip styles.

All these shenanigans took about 30 min, and Spin was starting in 10, so I left to go secure a spot.

Spin was about 45 min plus stretching at the end, getting in some of that good HIIT   Last week of the current Les Mills RPM release, some good races, a few minor climbs, overall not the hardest release ever.  I even was able to ignore a few rest breaks and keep racing in arrow with resistance, which I owe to my Fast Fuel!

So, workout was around 90 min, and the Fast Fuel really shone through on the cardio – I think it ranks right up there for a cardio pwo with Nutrabolics Swollen.  That might sound like faint praise because I don’t think it shined as hard for the deadlifts, but bear in mind I love a good Spin class, and a lot pwo are too harsh for HIIT, especially if I am doing fasted cardio.

I think Fast Fuel will be part of my stable for when I get back hard into cutting, and I need a kick for my fasted cardio!

Scoop of ReGen and some HCL after, trip to the sauna, then home.

And that is the end of my Fast Fuel!  Still a scoop or two left in my ReGen, but no more refs to those, the sponsorship is finito. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.