Squat Day?  What?  Its only been 3 days!  Oh well.  Slept in in the morning and went to the small gym after work.

Week 3 Squat Day
Warmup (1-2 min b/w sets)
120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 3

Main  (2-3 min b/w sets)
225 x 5
255 x 3
285 x 3


notes:  I wish I could have done more than 3 on my last set, but my form was getting sloppy on the 3rd, and I wasn’t inside the cage, so stopped it.  No PRs on the main lift today, so I promised myself I would vent my frustration out on the assistance.


Leg Press (4 second negatives, 45 sec b/w sets)
16 plates x 8
16 plates x 8
16 plates x 8
16 plates x 8


notes:  not sure what to do next on this particular leg press, it won’t fit any more plates… and the gym is small and only has 16 plates anyways…and my rests are short… and 4 second negatives… so I asked the gym owner if he minds if I get a young woman to sit on top of the sled… and he told me NO.  ROFL

Prone Leg Curls (4 sec negs, 45 sec b/w sets)
85 x 8
85 x 8
85 x 8
85 x 5 DROP 60 x 4 DROP 35 x 10


notes:  the first set felt light, but it got heavy REAL fast, haha.

Leg Extensions (4 sec negs, 45 sec rests)
120 x 8
150 x 8
180 x 8
200 x 8 DROP 160 x 5 DROP 120 x 6 DROP (moved to quick tempo just burn it out) 80 x 25


notes:  these felt real good as a finisher.  Got up after the last drop and tried to walk away and stumbled for a bit…

Ab Work (30 sec rests, reg tempo)
Stability Ball Crunches x 25, 20

notes:  after the second set I tried to sit up and the ball went flying out from under me, and I fell down on my tailbone AND elbow… so I said fukk this shtt and called it a day, lol.

That was the hardcore leg workout I wish I had on Saturday!  Good to get it out of the way, and glad my energy is back today after the crushing Monday routine.  Gonna make it through this week one way or the other!