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Friday Conditioning

Conditioning Day!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel immediately prior to the elliptical, then took a scoop of Fast Fuel and a scoop of ReGen right after the elliptical, then a scoop of ReGen and some Creatine HCl right after the workout.

A.  30 min of elliptical:  120 sec low intensity, 30 sec high intensity

I noticed a bit of aftertaste and a bit of tingling in my lips, which was surprising!  I guess the Fast Fuel was kicking in more than usual.  Not unpleasant, just a different reaction than normal.  Elliptical felt fine, good focus and energy, didn’t get bored, 30 min passed by like it was nothing!

B.  “300 workout”  (my trainer said she stole it off 25 pullups 50 deadlifts  @ 135 pounds (conventional) 50 pushups 50 jump squats, using a TRX-like object (different brand) 50 floor wipers @ 135 pounds 50 clean and presses with the 45 pound bar 25 pullups

I thought the cleans would be easy but they ended up tweaking my right elbow a bit, I think it might need another acupressure session!

C.  foam roller upper back, piriformis, IT band

Real simple, lots of fun! Conditioning is not as enjoyable as lifting weights, but I found this one pretty enjoyable actually.

Some pics!






Reunited and it feels so good!

Back in the gym by 5:30 AM, slangin plates!  Squat Day!

I had the squats to do, some slow neg assistance work, then back home for breakfast and off to work.  Because I am easing my way back into it though after my crappy illness, I took the drop sets off the end of the assistance work.  Just straight sets.

I felt real good though!  Should be hitting 100% of my routine by the weekend.

Week 1 Squat Day

Warmup (about 1-2 min b/w  sets) Squats below parallel (dare I say ATG?)

120 x 5
150 x 5
180 x 3

Main (about 3 min b/w sets) below parallel

195 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 5

Assistance (45 sec b/w sets, about 60 sec b/w exercises, 4 sec negative on every Leg rep)

45 Degree Leg Press feet high and wide
4 plates x 8
8 plates x 8
12 plates x 8
12 plates x 8

Leg Extension
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8

Seated Leg Curl leaning forward
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8
140 x 8

Weighted Crunch Machine (regular tempo, 30 sec b/w sets)
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10
50 lbs x 10

For the squats, I had gotten some feedback lately that I have not been going low enough.  Which is totally fair.  So I set the cage below my knees and squatted until my stomach was getting squeezed against/between my thighs.  You feel the change when that happens, its like the air starts to get pushed out and I grunt a bit.

Looking in the mirror, my core is weak out of the pocket, and I have a tendency to start to lean forward and then correct myself on the way up.  This is why I need that full length mirror when I squat, I need to check if I keep my core tight when I start to come up.

Not gonna lie, I am still new enough to squats that I get nervous when there is more than 225 on the bar.  But I will adapt and overcome!

Leg Press felt real good, just to chance to do some slow stretches with the legs and hips and glutes.

The extensions and curls were great because I totally relied on the clock built into the machine to make sure I stuck 100% to the 4 sec negative.

For the leg curls I don’t know what the problem was, but I kept sliding around in the seat.  Maybe that meant the weight was too high if I couldn’t keep my butt against the chair, but I have done that weight before.  I wanted to go do prone curls, but some old dude was using it, so whatevs.

The crunch machine was some sort of chair contraption where you load the plates behind your head, grab the handles over your head and crunch forward.  It feels pretty sweet actually

Scoop of Fast Fuel 25 min before the workout, a scoop during along with a scoop of ReGen, and a scoop fo ReGen and some extra Creatine HCl after (maybe 750 mg).

Best workout I have had in a week and a half!  Hooray for Leg Day!  Leg Day to the rescue!

Wanted to go workout first thing in the morning, but then last night I got wrapped up in trying to figure out if my PC had a virus, and then before I knew it was like 2 hours past my bedtime, so NO 5 am gym session for me, haha.

So I decided to sneak out of work at lunch for a session, but work was SO busy that I didn’t have much time. Today being the first day of my 5/3/1, I was determined to see it through.

So my compromise was to just do the main lift, then split. No assistance work, for the 2 reasons: I was pressed for time at work, and I am still not 100% from this damn bug. But the main work still needed to get done!!

Week 1 Bench Day (Cycle 1 Week 1 means it is the first time I have run a 5/3/1 mesocycle)

Warmup (about 1-2 min b/w bench sets, including the time it took to do rotator cuff work)

95 x 5 supersetted with Face Pulls 45 x 20

125 x 5 supersetted with Face Pulls 45 x 20

150 x 3 supersetted with taking a 15 lb DB through ROM of my rotator cuff 15 times per arm

Main (about 3 min b/w sets, including the time it took for chinups)

165 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 5

190 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 5

215 x 5 supersetted with Assisted Chinups (hammergrip) x 10

And then a quick shower, and was back in my cubicle before the one hour mark! Pretty low volume, but fit my needs for both quick and not gonna wear me out. Even sick I still want to hit my 5/3/1 numbers.

Scoop of Fast Fuel 25 min before the workout, a scoop during along with a scoop of ReGen, and a scoop fo ReGen and some extra Creatine HCl after (maybe 750 mg).

My forearms are soooooo sore from the acupressure session last night! Feels like I had a killer workout. Left Hamstring is tender AF right now too.

Actually I am quite happy there were no hiccups on the bench considering I had Acupressure done on my elbows and shoulders too. They could have easily been too beat up to proceed.

Sunday Chest, Biceps

Well, my mood was much improved today, I think I am turning the corner, at least in relieving stress through exercise.  As for my cold, the cough is starting to settle into my chest, so I am worried about pneumonia.  When you’ve had it, you can get it more easily in the future, or so the folk tale goes.  I know what it feels like though, it’s like a crackle at the bottom of your cough.  Let’s hope I avoid that!

Was running short of time, so I rushed down to the gym, phlegm-y cough and all, to try and bust out a quick workout before I went to the movie theatre (decided to finally go see Gravity in 3D).  I gave myself 40 min to workout, take a shower, get back on the road!

I took a scoop of Fast Fuel 20 min before and mixed a scoop of that with a scoop of ReGen during the workout.  After the workout I had a scoop of ReGen mixed with a little extra Creatine HCl.

Nov 3 – Chest, Biceps
(regular tempo, 45 sec b/w all sets)

warmup rotator cuff – 12.5 DB taken through range of motion 15 times per arm, back and forth arm to arm with no rest, for 4 sets

Incline DB Press
65s x 15
65s x 15
65s x 13
65s x 9

Have I mentioned before how glad I am Fast Fuel and ReGen mix so well?  I was worried the pwo and the intra would clash taste-wise, the Blue Razz and the Lemon-Lime, but they blend together quite nicely.

Decline BB Press
155 x 15
155 x 10
155 x 7
155 x 7

I was running out of energy, chest endurance is one of my weak points, and I didn’t want to take the time to take plates off the bar, so I just kept it at 155.  On the clock here!

Pec Deck
120 x 15
120 x 13
120 x 10
120 x 9

This was the test to see if my shoulders were tired or my chest.  In the past I have failed out of presses when the flys were just fine, but in this case they were grinding to a halt as well, even with a slightly lighter weight.  Guess the chest didn’t have a lot in the tank today!

Seated DB Curl
30s x 15
30s x 15
30s x 15
30s x 15

I wanted to use the 35s, but one guy was using one set, and with the 2nd set I could only find ONE DB, so I said screw it and grabbed the 30s.  Just seconds after I walked away, another guy showed up looking to use the 35s as well.  35 lb DBs, the universal curl weight, hahaha!  Gym, please stock up on 35 lb dumbbells.

Since I dropped the weight, I took the time to really do nice controlled reps through the whole ROM, that means twisting the pinky at the top, and bringing it down until my arm is straight and I can squeeze my tricep (which gave me a nice sensation callback to yesterdays workout).  You can’t stop at all in the bottom position or else you are letting the weight hang, so I would bring it down slow all the way to the bottom, contract the tricep for the sensation, then bring it back up.

Cable Curls  closegrip
90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 15
90 x 13

I took these over straight bar curls because my left elbow was still a little tweaked, and cable curls are usually painfree for my joints.

My biceps were getting tired, my mind was halfway out the door, and during the last set this weird dude walks nearby, looked like Chocolate Rain was wearing a competitive bicycle rider’s mesh top and shorts, and threw a big wool sweater on top of that.  He was just walking around, found his spot, took off his wool sweater, showed off his 11 inch arm cannons to the world.

All these distractions threw off my focus and I failed out of the last set, haha.

And then I was done!  Light and fast-paced, in and out.  Took about 45 min total, then showered, then watched Gravity (maybe it was just an excuse to eat popcorn, haha).

I was 100% ready in my mind and about 60% ready in my body to make it to the gym today.  It was a lose-lose, either I hang at home and recoup my body and lose the hunger and the drive to lift as I slowly morph back into a lazy bum, or I feed the mental beast but potentially delay my recovery.

So I chose the gym.  I made it there for about 11 AM, took a scoop of Fast Fuel about 20 min before, a scoop during, a scoop of ReGen during and a scoop of ReGen after.  I was ok, just some light hacking and wheezing a few times.  I sweated like crazy.  I made sure to be extra clean with the equipment, wiping off every dumbbell, rubber grip or seat surface I came into contact with, with disinfectant.

Nov 2 – Shoulders, Back, Triceps  (regular tempo, 45 sec b/w all sets)

Standing Overhead Press

45 x 15

65 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 13

75 x 10

I ran out of gas pretty fast on these, but I think it was more a case of me being slow to warm up, even adding in a few light sets didn’t fix that.  Gym was rather crowded, so I changed spots a few times during these sets.

Upright Rows

75 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 15

75 x 15

These helped me to warm up a bit more.

Cable Reverse Fly

55 x 15

55 x 15

55 x 15

55 x 15

I really wanted a pec deck with free-moving handles so I could try and hit my rhomboids a bit more, but this particular gym didn’t have that handy, so I used what was readily accessible.

Closegrip Cable Row

180 x 15

180 x 15

180 x 15

180 x 11

I found this weight heavier than usual.  Maybe this cable machine needed a little oil in the feed.

Widegrip Pulldown  straight up and down

135 x 15

135 x 12

135 x 12

135 x 10

I had a bad habit of leaning back all the time, and built up my strength in the past that way.  There’s nothing wrong with that on its own, but as part of my training, I realized I was neglecting areas of my back by not pulling it down straight down without the lean.  The back is a big area, and you need to hit a lot of angles to fill it out right. So I have started pulling it straight down again, and of course that means the weight has dropped since that part of my back is a bit neglected.  So kind of a back to basics for me on that one.

Assisted Chin Ups underhand grip

15, 12, 10, 10

Just finishing the back off, with a little help from the biceps.

The biceps work inspired me, so I decided to hit the tris a little bit.  Not a lot, just a little.


75 x 5

75 x 6

I tried to do these, but felt a pain my left elbow on the lower right away.  I waited 2 minutes, then tried a second set.  Again pain, so I chose different exercises.

Tricep Extension Machine

70 x 15

70 x 15

80 x 15

90 x 12

Lots of people don’t explore full ROM with this machine, and I am probably guilty of that too.  I tried to do full ROM, which includes both a straight arm at one end, and having your forearm touch your bicep at the other end.  My full extension was tricky, I couldn’t really bring it all the way without the plates resting on the machine, so I had to stop a little short.  I noticed the weakest part of my ROM was right before the full contraction, so a good point for me to keep focusing on in the future.

Standing 2 Hand DB Extension

70 x 15

70 x 15

70 x 15

70 x 10

I really wanted to use the cables, but that area was too crowded and I wanted to be done.  So I used a dumbbell, and went a little lighter to take it easy on my elbow.

And that was that!  A lot more exhausting than it should have been, but I am not 100% yet.  It actually felt a lot like my old workouts a few years ago, when I weighed about 90 more pounds.  When it was all just grind and no real joy or momentum.  That’s ok, I know the fun will be back soon 🙂