OK, this was a supposed “offday” for 5/3/1. Normally, I would do conditioning. But… I had an itch to do more lifting. So, time for an Arm Day!

For my arms, I like experimenting – doing workouts that scare people, that make purists scream overtraining, that are legitimately dumb. It’s not that I have awesome arms, or that I even expect to succeed. It’s hard to explain, it’s just that I DONT CARE… I will go out and try it and win or lose I just go do it and see what happens. You don’t know what is possible until you try it.

For most people, given the small relative size of arm muscles, what scares them is volume. So I have tried some crazy volume before.

Who out there does crazy arm workouts? How about this guy?


CT Fletcher. Rollin on 22s.

So, time for a CT Fletcher workout!!

Strap yourselves in, this was quite a ride. On top of it all, its Friday and I only had an hour tops. So I would just go at it until I ran out of time.

Arm Day

Cardio Warmup – Elliptical at 25 degree incline, 15 minutes, get the PWO flowing 🙂

Warmup (no rest, back and forth until all 4 supersets are done)

Bench Dips & Underhand Australian Pullups

20 & 15
15 & 10
10 & 10
10 & 10

Dumbbell Preacher Curls (30-45 sec b/w sets)

40 x 10/10
50 x 10/10
60 x 5/7
70 x 3/4
50 x 10/10




notes: You kind of have to do these CT Fletcher style to get the full experience. What does that mean? It means you go heavier than you can ACTUALLY go. Any means necessary, shorten the ROM, use your other hand to cheat, w/e. For added effect, try shouting at your biceps to GROW GODDAMN IT. Srs.

So while watching this workout might make Ben Pakulski cry, today form was not the point.

With the 60s, my ROM immediately shortened to the midrange, but the 50s were full range. With the 70s… I couldn’t do a single one without assistance as you can see, nor could I control the negative. It was just a horrorshow, LOL.

And did I mention the rest times in this workout were extremely short? It was the only way I could get some crazy volume in in only an hour.

EZ Bar Skullcrushers (AMAP, but no more than 10 reps, then rest 10 seconds ONLY, then do more. Keep going until you hit 50 reps)

70 x 10, 10, 7, 6, 7, 5, 5

notes: pls Lord, have a spotter for this workout. You will need someone to lift the bar off you for 10 seconds while you rest your arms. My right shoulder got way too involved halfway through, but it was just get these done before your arms collapse completely.

T Curls (30-45 sec rest)

10s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 20
20s x 15
15s x 20
10s x 30


notes: T-Curls are something CT advertised on his Youtube channel. You sit and curl it up sideways to your body, going from a straight arm to a sort of W. You don’t have to go heavy. I don’t think I like them much, but it hit my arms from a different angle and gave me a bit of a break, and it def got hard near the end, lots of times you have to check yourself and breathe once or twice then pump out a few more.

Dumbbell Skullcrushers (lie on the floor and have someone feed you the weights, no rest until you finish with the heaviest weight, climb up and climb down the ladder of weights)

10s x 20
12s x 20
15s x 20
20s x 4 REST 30 sec
15s x 15
12s x 17
10s x 20
8s x 20
5s x 20

notes: This was murder. I WANTED to do 20 reps of each weight, but by the time I got to the 20s, I was so desperate to get the weight up, that I started doing V-Ups… using the momentum from my abs and legs to get the 20s up ROFL. My spotter was rolling on the floor laughing, watching me crunch my legs and arms together just to do a skullcrusher!! So I dropped down the ladder, and kept going until I was into pink dumbbell territory, LOOLOLOL

Sorry no pics of me in agony trying to push up tinkertoy weight, spotter was laughing too hard 😛 Near the end, I couldn’t even hold the DBs up over my chest anymore! I was gassed!

Superset Pushdowns and Cable Curls (45-60 sec rest b/w supersets)

90 x 20 & 90 x 20
90 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 90 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20
100 x 20 & 80 x 20


notes: This was where my Tris started to pull ahead while my Bis were fading. While you may see 20 reps, what happened around set 3 with the biceps was that I slowed around rep 13 and had to breathe a few times and then pump out a few more reps. But I got through it.

Hour was over, go home. I was dripping in sweat and was pumped, no arms left to lift my water bottle.