Went to sleep late last night, slept in this morning.  Breakfast doubled as pre-wo meal, headed to gym, took 2 Uncut on the way.  Didn’t need too much energy for shoulder day, just happy to get in and out before my Arm DOMS onset from yesterday, haha.

Cycle 2 Week 1 Military Press

Warmup (1-2 min rest, including time it took to do rotator cuff work)

45 x 5 / Face Pulls 40 x 20
55 x 5 / 40 x 20
65 x 3 / took a 15 lb DB through ROM 15 times each arm

Main  (2 min rest, including time it took to do back work)

70 x 5 / Widegrip Pulldowns 150 x 5
85 x 5 / Assisted Pullups 5
95 x 12 / 5 pullups

notes:  Shoulder was feeling good, so time for Joker Sets!

Joker Sets  (2-3 min rest)

105 x 5
115 x 5
130 x 3

notes:  By the 3rd rep of the third set, I got stuck for a sec at the mid point, and it felt like forever to drive it up, so I stopped it at that point.  I was going to do some First Set Last type stuff, but a group of young ladies had just come in and looked eager to get their hands on some Olympic bars, so I was gentleman, and let them have my rack


Normally I do arm work for assistance, but since those were still on recharge, I got the rest of the pressing out of my system.

Seated Machine Press (hammergrip)

50 x 10 rest 30 sec
60 x 10 rest 45 sec
70 x 10 rest 60 sec
80 x 10 rest 60 sec
90 x 10 rest 60 sec
100 x 10 rest 60 sec
110 x 9 rest 60 sec
120 x 5

notes:  After about 8 sets of that, I didn’t feel like doing it any more, haha.  So I went off for cardio and called it a day.

post Cardio:  20 min elliptical, Incline 9, resistance 70%… IYHTGAF