Dec 9

Cycle 2 Week 1 deadlifts (no straps, double overhand unless otherwise stated)

Cardio 15 min Elliptical, incline 25 degrees, variable resistance

Warmup (1-2 min rest)

130 x 5
165 x 5
195 x 5

Main (2-3 min rest)

210 x 5
245 x 5
275 x 4… rest 45-60 sec… 275 x 3… rest 60 sec… (Sumo) 275 x 3

notes:  FAIL!

I was cruising along, and my grip was going by the 3rd rep, I managed to do the 4th rep with it hanging from my right hand fingers, but then set it down for the 5th rep, took a minute to collect myself, tried again, grip went again.  Rested another 60 sec, tried switching to sumo stance, grip went again – could not keep my hand closed, EITHER hand now.

My thoughts?  First off, I probably punked out, I should not have reset on the first set, just set it down, reset my grip and immediately ripped it right away.  I tried to get it clean 5 in a row touch and go, but SHOULD have just reset and went right away.  Not like my grip was getting any stronger at that point.

Also, that Friday epic arm workout might not have done me any favours, even though it was 3 days past.  My triceps are STILL sore, it was brutal.

But still, failure on only the second cycle???  On some level, I am paying for the sins of the past – the PR I used to set my training weights for this program was done with straps, so why wouldn’t my grip give out before I get back to that point?  I was doing heavy singles with straps and hit a new weight, and tried to use that as the benchmark for no straps.  Duh, genius.

As repentance for these sins, I will reset my TM benchmark back to what it was last month and redo the climb back up.  I am only losing a month.  As it was last month, only Joker sets will use straps.  Gotta build these forearms up!  They are the weak link.  Maybe some people don’t care about using straps, but I want to get strong all over not just my back, so only on Jokers.

backoff sets (60 sec rest)

210 x 8
210 x 8



notes: I was just mad and grumpy at this point.  Thankfully, my trainer was there to keep me on course.  We decided to do some core.


Superset Hyperextensions and Roman Chair Bent Leg Raise (30-45 sec b/w sets)





Trainer led me through some yoga-style stretches:  windshield wipers, wind-relieving pose, held glute bridge, ham stretch with the strap assist, pigeon pose

post-workout massage

One treat for myself is that there is a massage studio next to the studio gym, so I got my biweekly acupressure treatment.  It HURTS.  But it feels good when you are done

I had the dude work on my IT bands, and on my back and forearms, since they had failed me

He found a lot of tightness in my right hand (that’s the one that gave out), and a massive deep knot in my right lat that he thinks would start to cause me pain if I didn’t get it worked on a few times.  IT bands tight, as I expected

So training was a failure, but sometimes you need to learn those hard lessons.