Went to the gym after work, the crowds, ahhhhhh!!!  Had to make it short and sweet.

Cycle 2 Week 2 Bench

Warmup (1-2 min rest, including time it took to do rotator cuff work)

105 x 5 / 15 lb DB taken through rotator cuff ROM 15 times per arm
130 x 5 / rotator cuff
155 x 3 / rotator cuff

Main  (3 min rest, including time it took to do back work)

180 x 3 / widegrip pulldowns 165 x 5 (straight down, no lean back)
205 x 3 / assisted widegrip pullup x 5
230 x 4 / pullup x 7

notes:  Shoulder started to groan at me, so I clipped it at 4 reps, and dropped the weight down for some BBB style assistance work


Bench Press & Pullups/Pulldowns  (30 sec b/w supersets)

130 x 10 / 5 widegrip pulldowns 165 x 5
130 x 10 / 5 wide pulldowns 165 x 5
130 x 10 / 5 wide pulldowns 165 x 5
130 x 10 / 5 v-bar pulldowns 165 x 5
130 x 10 / 5 hammergrip pullups (lean back)

notes:  I had to keep switching the back exercise up because the pulldowns and pullup stations are popular places and I didn’t want to wait.  I just went wherever was free.  By keeping the assistance work at 30 sec rests, it stayed pretty fast paced.  I know Boring But Big is supposed to be tiring, but I don’t think that was tough enough for me.  If I do a BBB style in the future I either need to do some First Set Last after the AMRAP set or just do more chest work as assistance after DL day.

Sorry if that was a lot of acronyms and codenames to throw at you!  Just know I found that assistance work not tough enough, and would have liked more.  But I had to go, because… I had to go get my bb.com shipment before the store closed!  Cyber-Monday FINALLY arrived, ain’t that a bitch!  Canada problems.  Workout was quick, in and out, f*** these primetime gym crowds.