Once again, early morning meeting, so I pushed Squat day until after work.  I was nervous, not only for pushing the weight with deep squats, but also for HOW CROWDED the gym might be around 5 pm.

I could barely even get a locker for my crap.  But the gods of iron were smiling on me, because I nabbed a free squat rack, and lived there for a while.

Cycle 2 Week 2 Squat (squats as ATG as my fat legs will let me, calves to hammies)

Warmup (1-2 min rest)

125 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 3

Main  (3 min rest)

215 x 3
245 x 3
275 x 4

notes:  lots of grunting!


45 degree Leg Press  (feet high and wide, 90 sec b/w sets)

16 plates x 12
18 plates x 12
20 plates x 12
20 plates x 12

notes:  feet high and wide is more comfortable for a tall fat dude like me.  requires less ankle mobility, and my gut doesn’t get in the way, lol.  feels good on the hammies too!

Seated Leg Curl (45 sec rest)
135 x 15
150 x 15
165 x 15
180 x 15

notes:  these felt real good, strong

Leg Extensions (45 sec rest)
135 x 15
150 x 15
165 x 13
180 x 12

notes:  starting light was a good idea because my knees needed to warm up.  The quads were RATHER tired though, so I couldn’t get every rep on the last sets, not smooth ones anyway

post wo cardio
15 min on the “lateral elliptical”.  I would have stayed longer, but a old skinny runner dude was right beside me breathing TOO rhythmically and forcefully, and it annoyed the **** out of me.  I didn’t have my headphones, and I couldn’t take it for more than 15 min, walked out of the gym triumphantly, lol.