Christmas Eve!  But I wasn’t ready to relax just yet.  I had a half day of work, and was running around trying to clear the work off my plate, and the 2 other plates I was looking after – just keeping plates spinning like a street performer.  I would phone ppl, they wouldn’t pick up, so I would walk up a few flights, walk up to their desk and ask it to their face.

People finally started telling me to “please… leave this until the New Year”.  Lazyasses!

We were let go at Noon, and I was feeling good, so I left for the company gym to work out in a TOTALLY empty space.  Who is all psyched to do Bench Day on Christmas Eve?  THIS GUY *points*

I wanted it to be quick though, so I went back to my routine from last week – superset bench and back work.

I decided to do widegrip pulldowns instead of pullups.  The RMT messed me up on Monday, he cranked on my arms, lats and elbows and shoulders, so painful!  I already noticed there were bruises on both biceps today, and I am told there are bruises on my back as well… Can I call the police and turn my RMT in for domestic abuse?  Is this what it’s like to get massages in prison?  Screaming and bruises?

The end result was I wanted to avoid activating my forearms, and I thought pulldowns would make it easier to go thumbless, let my forearms recharge.

Cycle 3 Week 1 Bench Press

Warmup (1-2 min rest, including time for rotator cuff work) Bench and Face Pulls
105 x 5 / 30 x 20
130 x 5 / 45 x 20
155 x 3 / 45 x 20

Supersetted Bench and Widegrip Pulldowns from this point on

Main  (2 min rest, including time for back work)
170 x 5 / 150 x 5
195 x 5 / 165 x 5
220 x 7 / 165 x 5

notes: Feeling great!  Didn’t need long rests, ready to burn through these!

First Set Last Sets  (45 sec rest b/w Ssets)
170 x 8 / 165 x 5
170 x 8 / 165 x 5
170 x 8 / 165 x 5

notes:  Unstoppable!  FSL set was lighter than last week, due to the structure of the program, so I upped the weight of the BBB sets.  Xmas miracle!

Boring But Big Sets (30 sec b/w Ssets)
155 x 10 / 165 x 5
155 x 10 / 165 x 5
155 x 10 / 165 x 5
155 x 10 / 165 x 5
155 x 10 / 165 x 5

notes:  it took a little under an hour, and I was ready to jet!  Endurance was on point, had a great pump going.