Dec 31

Last workout of 2013!  It has been a good year in the gym for me!

I got to leave work early (by virtue of the fact nobody else was there anyways).  So I took 2 caps Uncut along with some Hemavol and KNO3, was working out by 30 min later, to a mostly empty company gym (except for 2 young ladies on treadmills chatting away and singing Push It by Salt n Pepa to each other).

Cycle 3 Week 2 Bench Press

Warmup (1-2 min rest, including time for rotator cuff work)

105 x 5 / Face Pulls 45 x 20
130 x 5 / 45 x 20
155 x 3 / 60 x 20

notes:  Shoulder a little stiff and sore at the bottom of the movement.  Decided to do just pulldowns instead of pullups for supersets.

Main  (2 min rest, including time for back work)

180 x 3 / Widegrip Pulldowns 180 x 5
210 x 3 / 180 x 5
235 x 7 / 180 x 5

notes: The AMRAP set worked out well!  I was feeling great!  For the AMRAP set I set the pins to the spot just above my chest – in case my shoulder gave out, I wanted some insurance.  Left them there through the workout.  The AMRAP set went so well I decided time for Jokers.

Joker Sets (about 2 min rest, including time for back work – Widegrip Pulldowns)

255 x 3 / 180 x 5 Weight PR
265 x 1 / 180 x 5 Weight PR

notes: That last rep was real grinder, so I moved on to FSL sets.  But still, weight PR!  Woohoo!

First Set Last Sets (45 sec b/w supersets – w/ more pulldowns)

180 x 6 / 180 x 5
180 x 6 / 180 x 5
180 x 6 / 180 x 5
180 x 6 / 180 x 5


Pec Deck 100 rep set – The way I do these is, do AMRAP, rest equals 100 seconds, minus the reps I had done up to that point.

So if I do 50 reps without stopping, then I can take 50 seconds rest, do 20 more reps, take 30 sec rest, do 10 more reps, am allowed 20 sec rest, etc.  Does that make sense?  Basically, your rest will shorten and shorten as the pump set goes on.

seconds of rest = 100 – (total reps performed so far)

I did:  60 lbs x 70 reps, rest 30 sec, did another 30 reps, DONE!

This was tough!  But still, I think 60 pounds was too light, I wasn’t expecting to do 70 reps in a row right off the bat.  I have done this method before for back workouts, like rows and pulldowns, but first time for fly movements.  I enjoyed it, will do more of that again as a pump/finisher.