Jan 17 – Chest

Bench Press & some rotator cuff work or widegrip pulldowns (30-45 sec rest after each superset)
95 x 12 & 15 lb DB taken through roto cuff ROM 15 times
115 x 12 & roto cuff work
135 x 12 & roto cuff work
145 x 12 & pulldowns 100 x 5
155 x 12 & 110 x 5
165 x 12 & 120 x 5
175 x 12 & 130 x 5
175 x 10 & 140 x 5
175 x 10 & 140 x 5

notes:  9 good sets of bench, rest-pause, no bouncing, warmed things up quite nicely.  I have really enjoyed following sets up with rotator cuff work or back work as a “chaser”, keeps muscle balance and good total muscle engagement in the movement.

Incline DB Fly (30 sec rest b/w sets, bench set below 45 degrees)
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
35s x 10


notes:  it’s Friday night… yeah, starting to clown a bit.

Bench Press Machine (30 sec rest)
60 x 10
70 x 10
80 x 10
90 x 10
100 x 10


notes:  Why yes I DID make a wardrobe change or two during my workout!  The stringer tank was just to be silly, too fat for that chit!  Those machine weights look pretty pathetic, but the truth is this particular machine is a POS.  Real stiff rubber belt on a track, not a smooth feed.  100 on this machine feels like 180 or up on a GOOD machine.

Cable Crossovers (30 sec rest, high to low)
100 x 12
120 x 12
120 x 12
Incline Pushups less than 30 sec rest between mini sets, just breathe a few times and do some more

notes:  We used the Smith Machine for these, so we could vary the depth to make the clusters harder or easier (climb up or down the ladder, so to speak).  Chest was worn out!

Good session!  Lots of goofing around and lots of hard work.  We were in a private studio, so we are all friends, no one to be a douche and try and get me kicked out for wearing a latex mask.

26 sets of chest, and good energy and focus from start to finish!  Good focus seems like an odd comment from a guy that danced around in a unicorn mask, but even in the mask I was still totally 100% in the workout zone.  Good focus helped keep the rests short, and the whole thing took around 45-50 min.