Jan 22 – Back

Gym was packed!  I barely found a locker.  It thinned out while I was there, but at the start lots of running into young dudes with giant attitudes who stare me down so they can feel alpha.  Sadly, I can barely muster up half an ounce of fukk, and it deflates them slightly.  Maybe if I wasn’t old enough to be their dad I might be more impressed.

Assisted Pullups (30 sec b/w sets, varying grip)
6 widegrip
10 underhand grip
8 hammergrip
6 widegrip
8 underhand grip

notes: during my breaks, this tall lanky dude with a scowl on his face would come over to do dips.  No asking to work in he would just jump on while I was resting and pump his dips out then wander away.  I wonder if he thought I felt pushed around, but the truth was inside I was laughing because I left the handles spun out wide from my pullups, and he was in such a rush to come in and be all “watch this” that he didn’t notice his shoulders were looking awkward as hell when he dipped.  So after doing 8 or 9 he got a pained look on his face and wandered away.  I guess he snapped his shtt up trying to look alpha.  Sucks to be him

chest supported t-bar row (45 sec rest)

55 x 15
100 x 10
135 x 10
135 x 7
135 x 8

notes:  I saw this station was luckily empty so I went over to it.  At first I wondered if it was being used because a water bottle was right there and there was some weight on it.  So I left the weight on (first set) but when nobody came over I gradually added weight.  The station is pushed up against the 45 degree leg press, and there were 3 dudes doing leg presses, and one dude kept crowding my t-bar.  I didn’t want a t-bar handle to get yanked up the crack of his ass, so I would say “excuse me” as I started my set.  But he was ignoring me, so I would calmly place my entire hand on his shoulder and say, “excuse me, son”.  And he would scurry away.  Just odd behavior.  Like, why would you even want to not be aware of your surroundings in a gym?  I know you’re tired and stumbling, but TRY.  Consider gym etiquette to be as much an example of proper form as you would do your sets and reps.  Stay out of people’s way, avoid smacking them with weight, put your weights away.  Simple stuff!

widegrip pulldowns (45 sec rest, not leaning back)

150 x 10
165 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 7
180 x 8

one arm cable row (45 sec rest b/w sets of arms)
105 x 10/10
105 x 10/10
105 x 8/8
105 x 10/10

straight arm pulldowns (using straight bar)
30 x 30, REST 70 sec, x 30, REST 40 sec, x 20, REST 20 sec, x 20

post-workout 20 min on the lateral elliptical machine

notes:  I felt like my endurance was better this time than last back workout!  Felt good!  Did all my stuff and ready for more!

Then by chance I ran into a friend of mine, and I offered to lead him through his arm workout!  I showed him some stuff, we supersetted bis and tris.  He got about 6 sets in and said he was out of time, so I took off for the locker room.

In the locker room, right next to my locker, in a crowded locker room, some dude drops his glass water bottle, it SMASHES all over the ground, and he just walks away!!  The fukk??!?  Ppl walking out of the shower and sauna, broken glass all over the ground.  If it were me, I would have layed down a towel or something first, fukk. Ridiculous.

So I just came home and ate dinner.

Gym shenanigans!