Jan 24 – Legs

My ass was dragging HARD today.  SO ready for a rest day!

For music, how about some of this.  Don’t know what’s funnier, that I hear this song and think of zombies eating punkers in a cemetery, or that I heard its a song about child abuse, lol.

Warmup 5 min of elliptical, 5 min of bitching and moaning to my trainer, LMAO

Squats (45-60 sec rest)

135 x 10
165 x 10
165 x 10
165 x 10
165 x 10
165 x 10


notes: med and high rep squats wear me out hard, don’t matter how light they are.

DB walking lunges (30 sec rest)

40s x 8 (per leg)
40s x 8
40s x 8
40s x 8


notes:  My weak core makes my balance tenuous, so I use dumbbells for resistance.  I suck at lunges!

deadlifts (45-60 sec rest)

185 x 10
205 x 10
205 x 10
205 x 10
205 x 10


notes:  Trainer made me rack pull them from well below my knees, then rep them down as low as possible without touching the ground, so just constant tension.

split squats (30 sec rest)

BW x 10 per leg
BW x 10
20 lb DBs x 10


notes:  Once my trainer was happy with my balance and my form, she tossed me some light dumbbells.  I suck at these the same way I suck at lunges!

prone leg curl dropset

100 x 10 DROP 75 x 15 DROP 50 x 20 DROP 25 x 40

notes:  this was a freeweight loading leg curl, which I find harder than the machine leg curls.  For fun my trainer was giving me some Kali Muscle “slap city” on my hamstrings whenever I slowed down, lol!

leg extensions dropset

190 x 15 DROP 150 x 15 DROP 110 x 15 DROP 80 x 15

notes:  just burn it out!  For fun, I was slap city-ing my own thighs during the drops

I was gonna do cardio after but F it I just wanted to crawl away.  My cardio ended up being walking home in minus 15 weather for 20 min lol.  It was a 10 min walk but I was walking slowly, LOL.

About ready to crash and fall down in the grass.  good night!