Jan 27 – Back

Ready to hit it today.  Wanted some extra cardio, as I was not so tight with the diet this weekend, bleh.

Made it to Spin for a 6 AM class!  It was tough!  Lots of heavy seated climbs punctuated with quick jumps.  At least I had a good view:  of the ladies kettlebell class nearby 🙂

Rough day at work, it just stresses me out.  You know, it’s like you want a life where you give 50% to your job, and 50% to your life, and if you go through a period where your life demands a greater cut, then you want to pull back a bit at work.  Instead I have a day right now where work is stressful and I am trying to lose weight and get more fit.  So my Life demands 60% of my mental energy and my Job demands 60% of my mental energy and I am just not making ends meet.  It’s a major pain in the ass.  But I am committed to this weight loss, I just wish work would just please crawl OUT of my ass for a while.  Ideally would love to sleepwalk through my job and be mentally in the gym 24/7.

Showed up at the personal trainers after work to sweat it out some more.  Took my [b]Primer[/b] pack 2.5 h before workout with food, and took 3 caps [b]Rocket Science[/b] 30 min before workout.

warmup 15 min elliptical, varying resistance

Australian Pullups (less than 30 sec rest)

10, 10, 10, 10, 10


notes: Honestly, I would just rather do regular pullups, assisted or just negatives or whathaveyou.  But I have learned to just do what my trainer tells me, and take my brain out of it.  So I tried to focus on engaging my lats and taking my arms out of it and getting a good squeeze.  So don’t judge me on the pic, haha!

Seated Widegrip Row (sitting on ground, 30-45 sec rest)

160 x 12 200 x 12 220 x 12 260 x 12 300 x 12 340 x 12


notes:  This machine felt light, or maybe I get stronger when my butt is on the ground, I don’t know.  At any rate, we kept going heavier and heavier without really slowing down.

Free Cable Widegrip Pulldown (30 sec rest)

180 x 12 200 x 10 200 x 10 200 x 10 200 x 10


notes:  I had a tough time NOT leaning back, so my trainer at one point jammed her knee into my back to keep me upright.

One Arm Standing Cable Row (less than 30 sec rest)

90 x 10/10 100 x 10/10 110 x 10/10 110 x 10/10


notes:  Fast-paced and heavy!

Finisher:  Straight Arm Pulldown (no rest, just change the weight and keep going)

50 x 50 UP 70 x 30 DROP 60 x 20


notes:  My form is always rough on these, so I am glad to have the trainer keep correcting me.

The whole workout took 40 min, score!  Fast and nasty.


20 min on the elliptical, varying resistance

And that was that!  A really draining day, looking forward to bed!