Feb 4 – High Fat Day / Chest

Welcome back steak!

I felt destroyed in the morning, so no morning cardio, sorry.

I had to do my workout after work, so I took my Primer pack about 1.5 hours before. I admit, my feet were draggin, and I couldn’t bear the thought of a full gym, I just wanted to do my chit get in and out. So I went to the office gym, which I knew would be empty. But I also knew it was closing soon after work, so I had to work fast.

Took 3 caps Rocket Science about 30 min before, and was determined to put in some fast work with my last few drops of gas for the day. Bear in mind it was a full day of low carbs and high fat, so early morning right after along sleep is better for my performance.

Pumped some fast paced tunes to keep my edge and focus. LOL, pumpin the LL!



I could tell right away the cut is dragging on me hard.  All grit and gravel, digging and pushing.

Bench Press (about 45 sec rest between supersets)

95 x 12 / 15 lb DB taken through rotator cuff ROM 15 times per arm
115 x 12 / roto work
135 x 12 / roto work
155 x 12 / Widegrip Pulldowns 150 x 5
165 x 12 / 165 x 5
175 x 12 / 180 x 5
175 x 8 / 195 x 5
175 x 10 / 210 x 5
175 x 8 / 225 x 3

notes:  My performance dipped from last week.  My shoulder was sore, and my energy was low.  Wish I could say the Rocket Science was enough, but I was flying on fumes.  I get called Machine a lot in this thread, but Tin Man needs an oilcan, LOL.

Incline DB Fly (30)

30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10
30s x 10

notes:  Just focus on straight arms and feeling my shoulder and getting a chest stretch.

High Cable Flys (30 sec rest)

90 x 10
90 x 10
120 x 10
120 x 10
150 x 10

notes:  this office gym doesn’t have a chest machine, and I really couldn’t bear the thought of a dumbbell press right now, just didn’t feel up to pressing, so I went back to flys, and added a few sets.  They went ok, actually.

DB Pullovers (30 sec rest)

50 x 10
50 x 6
50 x 10

notes:  I felt up for more work, so I tried some pullovers.  The 50 was going to be a warmup, but then I kept fighting a massive cramp in my right hamstring, so I gave up after the 3rd set.

Post-Workout 20 min cardio elliptical, heart rate around 120-5

Then I came home, ready to crash again, eat some steak and sleep a lot.  On that cut, son!