Feb 6 – High Fat Day / Back

Instead of steak, I cooked up like 2 pounds of ground beef, and mixed in lots of spices, and a bit of jerk sauce I had left in the fridge from when I had a roommate, like 4 years ago… (uh-oh!)
Chopped up lots of cucumber, thought it would absorb the grease and the spice well.

Got up in the morning, my butt was dragging HARD.  Get up and go energy was not there, even after a meal.  The carb cycling had me drained.

Assisted Pullups (varying grip b/w widegrip, underhand and hammer, 30 sec rest)

8 widegrip
10 underhand
8 hammergrip
6 widegrip
9 underhand

Chest Supported DB Rows (45 sec rest)

30s x 10
40s x 10
50s x 10
60s x 10
70s x 10

notes:  These felt good!  My energy had started to kick in!

Widegrip Pulldowns (no leaning back, hitting upper back, 45 sec rest)

180 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 10
180 x 10

notes:  The weight felt light and comfortable, def ready to up it to 195.  But I got very distracted between rounds because I could NOT honestly remember how many sets I had done, it was all blending together.  So I am MOSTLY sure I did 5 sets, maybe it was 4, or maybe it was 6?  *shrug*

One Arm Cable Rows (30 sec rest)

105 x 10/10
105 x 10/10
105 x 10/10
105 x 10/10

Straight Arm Pulldowns

40 x 24, REST 76 sec, 40 x 25, REST 51 sec, 40 x 20, REST 31 sec, 40 x 21, REST 10 sec, 40 x 10

notes:  This was all I had planned for work, and I realized the whole thing only took 40 min!  I had blazed through this one!  Lots of time for cardio before work.

post-workout 20 min cardio elliptical

At work, the jerk ground beef hit me harder than expected, my butthole was melting like it had seen the Ark of the Covenant!

I went shopping at lunch and bought some Walden Farms to try out, and some sugarfree macaroons (for carb day).  The Walden Farms Peanut Butter… wth.  That was like salty… buttery… slime.

Do not like.

I hope the pancake syrup is better, holy jeez.  Thanks for the grocesst PB I have ever tasted.  brb soiling my pantaloons (again)

The energy was not always there during the day, but it was there in the workout!  The focus sadly, was off.

Did I mention my chest and my legs both have wicked DOMS today?  I did Legs on Monday, dafuq?