Feb 10 – High Carb Day / Legs

Yay for carbs!  Dry toast!  Kidney Beans!

Warmed up with some balance work, warm up the muscles in the soles of my feet (fallen arches).

Did a quick weigh-in, down 2 pounds this week!  Slow and steady and sustainable

Workouts change this week, for a while I will do Legs, Chest and Back (and core) twice a week, Shoulders and Arms once a week.  Cardio about the same, maybe try and work in some hot yoga to give my sweat glands a workout!  (you sweat like crazy!)

Unfortunately, 20 min in to this workout, realized there was a HUGE rip in my shorts, right on the seam!  I was stretching out my low back by holding my ankles as I rolled around like an upturned turtle, and I heard my trainer gasp… and ya, not wearing underwear, LOL

Cheap POS Musclepharm shorts.  Gonna call them and ask for a refund or a trade-in.

I put on some underwear, but those were my only workout shorts in my bag, so we had to cut out like HALF of my planned exercises, LOL.  So the workout you see here is only about half of what it SHOULD have been.

One-Hand Kettlebell Front Squats (30 sec rest)

40 lb KB x 10 (each leg)
45 x 10/10
50 x 10/10
50 x 10/10


I had never done front squats, so this was a way for my trainer to let me ease into it before barbells, plus it was practice with offcenter loads, core strength, all that jizz.  I hope it was this that ripped my shorts… otherwise it was ripped in a previous session and no one told me, LOL.

SLDL (30-45 sec rest)

135 x 12
155 x 12
165 x 12
165 x 12


notes:  I am always weak on my form with these. so we keep the weight light until she is happy with my form.  Hard for me not to transfer it to my low back, and my core tends to give out.  Just have to keep focusing on the hamstring.

And then… my there was a hole in the old boat, and the workout was lost at sea, lol.

Leg Extensions (30 sec rest)

150 x 15
160 x 15
170 x 15
180 x 15


Smith Squats (45 sec rest)

bar x 12
2 plates x 12
2 plates and 2 quarter plates x 12
2 plates and 2 quarter plates x 12
2 plates and 2 quarter plates x 12


notes:  I would rather do barbell squats with a free range of motion, but I have learned just do what the trainer tells me

So the workout was a little clipped short!

Afterwards I had a massage session, guy worked on my upper body, rhomboids, lats, elbows, forearms, shoulders.  Hurts so much!  If you are tight at all, this acupressure dude can be like torture.  But you feel better immediately after.  I like to go every 2 weeks if I can.