I was in the gym by 4:50 AM, quite honestly the earliest a bus can get me there (it is a 24 hr gym not far from where I live)

Bent Over BB Rows (rest varied from time to change weight, to change plates + 15 seconds)

135 x 15
155 x 12
175 x 10
185 x 10
205 x 8

notes:  Maybe they weren’t Pendlays, but they did warm me up nice and proper for the work ahead.

Widegrip Pulldowns (rest 45 sec)

150 x 10
170 x 10
190 x 10
210 x 8
210 x 6

notes:  I started light and worked up just to see what this machine was like (every gym has its own quirks).  210 should have been very possible, but the bar was TEARING up my calluses!  It was very rough.  I admit, I have an issue with picking at my calluses and peeling them off, its a nervous habit, but the crosshatch chrome handle attachments are rough on fresh skin, need some of that black rubber!

Superset DB Pullovers and Closegrip Cable Rows (60 sec rest)

65 x 12 / 120 x 15
65 x 12 / 130 x 15
75 x 12 / 150 x 15
75 x 12 / 170 x 15

notes:  Weight felt good, so I moved up a little bit.

Lightly Assisted Chinups (assist for 20% BW, 30 sec rest)

6, 6, 6, 6

notes:  Warming up the biceps!

Closegrip Cable Curl (45 sec rest)

90 x 12
100 x 12
120 x 12
130 x 8

notes:  slight progression in weight.  every plate counts, especially with biceps!

Standing DB Hammer Curls (45s rest)

35s x 12
35s x 12
35s x 12
35s x 9

notes:  These went a little smoother than last week, a little more gas in the tank.

Bicep Machine (45 sec rest)

80 x 16
80 x 16

notes:  This machine was sort of an “overhead unilateral preacher” setup – meaning your arms were at shoulder height platforms and you could stack the weight separate for each arm.  Felt good!  I was just out of gas, but still fun.

I was really short on time, I had to head back home, dump my stuff, have a 2nd meal, and rush to the bus stop to head offsite to a different workplace today, so no time for Core work or cardio.  Oh well, got the best parts done!